Markus Ettlinger was a German officer working for Heinrich Zemo on board of The Blitzkrieg.


Markus was in his 50's when he worked for Heinrich Zemo. He had short black hair and a chiseled face and a fair complexion. He wore a German officer uniform.


Markus worked for Heinrich Zemo on board of The Blitzkrieg. He captured Robert Frank and Karl Kaufman and was accidentally shot by Heinrich Zemo when he and Karl Kaufman were strangling each other.


  •  In the original scripts for The Invaders, Markus was replaced by Heinrich von Ronstadt, who in the comics was killed on a zeppelin in a fight involving Karl Kaufman, but wanting a dogfight in the movie, I though that Germany's flying ace should be featured.
  • In the comics, Markus is a character named Vormund who is also known as Captain Germany.
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