Mark Bailly is a character from the James Bond franchise. He appears in Blofeld's Return. Bailly is portrayed by Frank Grillo.

Biography Edit

Blofeld's Return Edit

Mark Bailly is a 00 agent with the rank 008. He has succeeded lots of his missions and is sent on a mission to kill Ernst Stavro Blofeld with James Bond and Natalie Green. At the beginning, he goes to Germany. This was wrong because he found nothing. Back in Londen, he, Bond and Green are reunited and the follow a signal to somewhere in Londen. Bailly, Bond, and Green are defeated there. Blofeld and Mr. Wakar bring them to a jungle in Brazil. He is put with a rope on a tree. Some minutes later when he sees Bond and Green, Mr. Wakar is faster to him and stabs him with his sword. Bond and Green promise the dying Mark Bailly to kill Ernst Stavro Blofeld.