In 2020, capitalizing on the success of Marble Youtubers. The Marble Film Company decided to make a movie called "Marbles", which in development was called "The Marble Movie", but due to the failure of The Emoji Movie was called Marbles. The film focused on the 2020 Marble Racing Championship, and featured Anthropomorphic Marbles with No Faces. The Film was completely Stop Motion and was Produced on a Budget of $30 Million. It is estimated that over 5 Million Marbles were used in the production of the movie.

The Movie is a Stop Motion Epic focusing on a world where only Marbles live, The opening shot consists of a meticulously modeled city, as Millions of Marbles go about their business, doing stuff. And eventually, it focuses on a Marble, simply known as Black 12. Who aspires to be a Marble Racer in the Marble Racing Championship. So he enters the Marble Marathon, where the top 33 out of 1000 Marbles gets into the championship. Eventually Black 12 gets into place 33. Which allows him to go to the Championship. Here, he faces rivals such as Red 3, Spinner, Jacker and Screech.


George Clooney as Black 12.

Ryan Reynolds as Red 3.

Tilda Swinton as Screech.

Nicolas Cage as Spinner.

Jason Bateman as Jacker.

The film was Distributed by Indian Paintbrush Pictures, and Wes Anderson served as Producer, while the director was Nick Park, who moved to the Marble Company from Aardman.

In total, the movie made $200 Million and increased sales of Marbles by 70%.

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