DVD Warning

Opening Credits

Cartoon Network,
The Petula Organisation

Voices Of

Katherine Dillon

Jeff Bergman

Billy West

Sophie Zamchick

Richard Kind

Michelle Davis

Diana Kaarina

Brittney Wilson

Alessandro Juliani

Ian Hanlin

Maurice LaMarche

Charlie Adler

Danny Mann

Jeff Bennett

Frank Welker

Kath Soucie

Songs by

Daniel Ingram

Closing Credits

Directed By
Spike Brandt
Tony Cervone

Produced By
Phil Lord
Christopher Miller

Written By
Sheryl Stone
Oliver Day

Music By
Daniel Ingram

Songs By
Daniel Ingram

Scrolling Credits


Ming-Ming/Evil Ming-Ming - Katherine Dillon

Linny - Sophie Zamchick

Tuck - Richard Kind

Carmen Snailby/Pinga - Michelle Davis

Snagglepuss - Jeff Bergman

Stimpy - Billy West

Petula Woolwright - Diana Kaarina

Sweetie Pom Pom - Brittney Wilson

Gavin Chamelle - Alessandro Juliani

Mitchell Snailford - Ian Hanlin

Becky - Nikki Payne

Rocko - Carlos Alazarqui

Heffer Wolfe/Dog/Larrison/Wilbert - Tom Kenny

Filburt/Milt - Dawg Lawrence

Etno - Maurice LaMarche

Candy - Charlie Adler

Gorgious/Gorgeous - Danny Mann

Bud/Stereo/Hubie and Bertie - Jeff Bennett

Mr. Blik - Wayne Knight

Bagel/Waffle - Kevin McDonald

Gordon Quid/Mac - Rob Paulsen

Norbert Foster - Nick Bakay

Daggett Doofus - Richard Steven Horvitz

Tosh - Jess Harnell

Cat - Jim Cummings

Pingu -

Jake The Dog -

Jerry Mouse/The Horses -

Cherie Mouse -

Jerry's Mouselings -

Tuffy -

Female Cats -

Le Basette -

George Pig -


Performed by Relient K

"Dance Of The Reed Flutes"
Performed by Jeff Bergman, Billy West, & Katherine Dillon
Written and Lyrics by Daniel Ingram

"Sing Ho For The Life Of A Duck"

"Take The Easy Way Out"

"Where in The World is Ming Ming"

"Wake Up"

"I Want To Go Home"

"On My Own"

"Everywhere We Look"

"No More Mrs. Mean Duck"

"Be Who You Wanna Be"
Performed by Owl City, Iggy Pop, Britney Spears, DNCE & Sia

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