Dr. Malcolm William Tedworth (March 3, 1984 - July 16, 2021) is an British researcher employed by Midhurst Laboratories and tasked with developing biological warfare antidotes for the Ministry of Defence. The character appears in the Blood Stone. Malcolm Tedworth is portrayed by Henry Cavill.


Dr. Malcolm Tedworth was a lead scientist in a Midhurst Laboratories project to investigate smallpox and anthrax; developing antidotes for the British armed forces, for use in the event of a biological attack. In a bid to extract details of his research which might be weaponized, Tedworth was kidnapped from his yacht in the English Channel by mercenaries in the hire of Russian oligarch, Stefan Pomerov. He was brought to Istanbul, where he was held captive by Bernin in the Byzantine catacombs underneath the city, along with fellow bio-tech researchers 'Remy' and Dr. S. Justacomins, director of bio-engineering at the University of Stuttgart. He is initially presumed dead as a result of a sudden squall capsizing his yacht, however MI6 is tipped off to his presence in Turkey (believing him to be selling his research) and dispatches James Bond to investigate. 007 arrives too late to rescue Tedworth from electric-shock interrogation; under pressure he divulges the password to the encrypted USB drive containing his research and is shot dead by his interlocutors. Bond later uncovers footage of his torture in Pomerov's safe.




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