Mackenzie Bock was a police officer in Gotham City, New Jersey and was responsible for originally charging Joker of mass-murder after the Brentwood Incident. He is portrayed by Derek Luke.


Mackenzie Bock was a police Officer in Gotham City, New Jersey. He was near Brentwood Elementary when Joker bombed it and charged and arrested Joker. When Joker escaped from custody and took the lives of many police officers including Commissioner Loeb, Bock felt guilty. He was good friends and sometimes partners with Jason Todd much like fellow cops Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock were partners. After Joker was sent to Arkham Asylum, and Jim Gordon defected from the police force and went crazy, Bock became the only reliable cop from Gotham and worked closely with the Metropolis Police Department who housed Gotham police during the rebuilding of the station. When Jim Gordon caused a crash between Metropolis police and Arkham security, Bock helped Metropolis Commissioner, David Corporon to safety and helped him arrest Jim Gordon and rescue Harvey Bullock and the Joker double. On their way back to Metropolis, Joker killed Bock and David with a shotgun in an effort to intercept Jim Gordon and the body double.

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