This is a list of movies that is Phase 4 of the MCU. A page already exists that is a collaboration of multiple user's ideas. This is how I think the MCU should move forward, so I made my own version of Phase 4 that is only my ideas.

Upcoming Movies

Spider-Man Homecoming 2 (January 2020) (Set in 2016-2017)

Peter Parker, also known by his alter-ego Spider-Man, is still going around New York City doing all he can to stop the street-level baddies, and the occasional big-scale threat. When Peter is accused of a terrible crime, a bounty is put on his head and Peter must don many masks to clear his name.

The Invaders (December 2020) (Set in 1918)

In 1918, during World War One, an SSR researcher, Curtis Jackson, seeks government permission to found a team of enhanced individuals to combat a mad Sokovian general's biological weapon known as Adhesive X. He bands together two American soldiers (John Barrowman, Brandon Scott) an American field officer (Ben Whishaw), a British major (JJ Feild), and an android (Armie Hammer). With help from the Immortal Iron Fist (Steven Yeun) and many other soldiers (Hugh Laurie, Armie Hammer, David Oyelowo, Toby Stephens, Daniel Portman, Jay Baruchel) the team must stop Heinrich Zemo (Leonardo DiCaprio)

Illuminati (April 2021) (Set in 2019)

After Thanos' defeat and the deaths of many of the Avengers, Stephen Strange creates the Illuminati to safeguard the Infinity Stones from future threat.

Spider-Man Homecoming 3 (December 2021) (Set in 2018-2019)

After Peter Parker- or Spider-Man- has cleared his name, he returns to his crime-fighting life, but when Norman Osborn becomes a serious threat, Peter has to risk his life and the lives of those he loves to stop Osborn.

Silk (2022)

Captain America: Legacy (August 2021) (Set in 2019)

After the fall of the original Avengers, the mantle of Captain America must be taken up by new hands.

New Avengers (May 2022) (Set in 2019)

After the Avengers fell during the Infinity War, resulting in the deaths of Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov, and Thor Odinson. A new team must band together to stop an enemy that threatens the fabric of realty itself- Immortus.

Young Avengers (September 2022) (Set in Multiple Timelines)

Young Nathaniel Richards, learns of the conqueror he is destined to become, and travels through time to band together a group of Avengers to change Nathaniel's future.

Other Movies That Exist in the Phase That I Am Not Creating

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  • Doctor Strange 2
  • Black Panther 2
  • Captain Marvel 2

(Other users have created some of these ideas, but as some information conflicts with mine, I will not link them as these would be my own versions of the stories that I just don't have time to create.)

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