M is a character from the James Bond franchise. He appears in Blofeld's ReturnBlood From Above and Firesoul. He is portrayed by Ralph Fiennes.


Blofeld's Return

M tells Bond about where they have spotted Blofeld. Also he tells that Q has some new gadgets for Bond. And that he will meet with 2 other secret agents.

When this meeting happens, M tells Mark Bailly, Natalie Green and James Bond his plan to kill Blofeld. He says that he is spotted in the Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg. And the 3 secret agents go to this countries.

Much later, Bond and Green are back in London. They tell that Bailly is killed by a new henchman called Mr. Wakar. And they know where Blofeld went to. Bond and Green leave to finish their mission.

At the end of the movie, M congratulates Bond and Green about that Blofeld is probably death. But Bond and Green both doesn't give an answer.

Blood From Above

M gives James Bond a new mission to find out who Clement Blanchard is. When James Bond is in a cage in Australia, M frees Bond.

Later, M goes with Q, Moneypenny and Bill Tanner in their new helicopter. They save Bond again. Q gives him gadgets and M wants to speak with Bond. He tells him about Blanchard's cruise ship.

In the end, Bond calls M to say that Blanchard is death. But after some time, he rarely ends the call, but M knows the mission was successful.


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