Luke White is a Character of the Scream series. He appeared in The Scream: The Curse of Death. He was portrayed by Dylan Sprayberry. He was killed by Nigel Willis.


The Scream: The Curse of Death

Luke met Noa Knight in Deep Purple. The two slept together and later he heared she was killed.

He later wanted to become friends with Lise and Owen. They didn't want it and refused it.

He later met with Violet Cross and Sam Stone. Sam and he talked a lot. They also went to the place where Noa was killed. Luke wa later driving on a road when a Scream out of nowhere was standing before him. They started fighthing. Durin the fight Luke destroyed the scream's mask. But the scream was stronger and defeated him. He struggled back to Violet's house to tell Sam his real identity. He told Violet it, but he was later killed by the Scream. The Scream's real identity was Nigel Willis.




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