Lucoakles is one of the two queens of the Ugandan Knuckles tribe.

She appears in Memes Infinity War and its conclusion as a major character.


Memes Infinity War

Lucoakles is first seen trying to protect her tribe from Monika who was in the search of the Tesseract, she fought Monika but she quickly becomes stronger than her and Lucoakles got defeated, trying to get up to she could die and let the Ugandan Knuckles without their two queens.

Lucoakles is sent to Lazy Town where she meets Robbie Rotten, Stingy, Kenshiro and Big Smoke and informs about Monika, they immediately got sent to SMG4verse where they meet with SMG4, but it don't took any longer to meet with two of Monika's subordinates: Natsuki and Yuri, whose arrival was to find the Time Stone, after a fierce fight, both girls escaped and Lucoakles decides to join forces with her new teammates.

Later Lucoakles is seen alongside Handsome Squidward waiting for Shrek, Papa Bear, Kanna, Captain America, Pyrrha and iDubbz, who brought Natsuki's dead body with them. All of them decided to go to Neo Ugandan Knuckles Tribe and destroy the Mind Stone without killing Shrek (Who had the Mind Stone inside him) to don't allow Monika obtain all of them.

Once in Neo Ugandan Knuckles tribe, they are greeted by Principal Skinner, Superintendent Chalmers and Goku Black, once the Smart Cat was doing his job, Lucoakles & co. got found by Vegeta and M.Bison who has been hired by Monika and brought with them an army of Rainbow Bunchies, she and the rest of the group fought them and won.

Monika immediately appeared in Neo Ugandan Knuckles Tribe to get the last stone remain, once she got all of them despite our heroes' effort to defeat her, Monika erases half of the universe's character files and escapes. Lucoakles saw how her tribe and some of her new allies were being deleted too, leaving her and the remaining survivors don't do something but to accept their defeat.

Memes Infinity War Part 2: Just Monika




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