Logan Grant is a Character of the Scream Series. He appeared in The Scream. He is portrayed by Logan Lerman.


The Scream

Logan Grant was the boyfriend of Isabelle Fletcher.

On a night in October, Isabelle and Logan Grant are with each other. They are alone in Logan's house. Logan is from a very rich family. They have a swimming Pool. Logan wants to swim with Isabelle. He pulls off his clothes and puts on his swimming suit. Isabelle does it too. But on the same time, the door of his house is opened. Logan and Isabelle don't notice anything. The anonymous stranger walks into the house. Logan and Isabelle are swimming. The phone goes off. Logan goes out of the swimming pool and takes on the mobile. A weird voice is talking. Hello, Logan, he says. Who is this??? Logan says. Your friend, Daniel. He has a different voice as you. "What is your favorite Scary Movie?" the weird voice says. Saw 5, What then, if you want to come here and we will fight it out. He sends a photo of Logan to him. And after that a photo of Isabelle follows: with the text What will you say if I fuck her. Logan becomes angry and goes to the place where the photos were sent. He isn't there. Isabelle is still swimming, not know anything about what happens. The Scream sends a photo of his bathtub with the text: I will fuck her in that bathtub. More angry Logan walks upstairs to his bedroom. The door closes. The Scream shows himself with a big knife. Logan attacks him. The Scream throws him inside the bathtub. The Scream puts a knife in his belly. He puts on the water. And he stabs him more times. Almost death Logan is in a bathtub full of blood water. He chokes in the water and dies. Isabelle is worried and goes out of the Swimming Pool. The Scream is watching her. Isabelle walks through the house and finds Logan. She is very scared and calls 911. But The Scream is already gone.




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