Mushroom Queen (Or sometimes known as Little Witch Academia: Mushroom Queen) is live action-adventure film based on the anime series Little Witch Academia. It is the Sequel to The World of Witches and is a solo origin film for the character of Sucy Manbavran.

Development started around a year after the previous film finished. Creative differences arose when they couldn't find the right origin for Sucy but after a few good ideas thrown around and taken in, the plot and script was finalized and the movie started filming and was released in 2023.

The film was praised for the performances of Shipman and Greene, the emotional weight of the story, and the touching subjects of loss and acceptance.

It is the second film of The Academia Series.

The film grossed $400 million on a $10 million budget.


One year after the events of The World of Witches, Akko Kagari struggles to accept Sucy's death after her sacrifice, so she decides to go and try to understand her friend more by going into her dark past.


One year after the events of the previous film, Akko has risen in popular ranks of Luna Nova as one of the top students. But she struggles with PTSD after Sucy's sacrifice, and the school places a statue of her in her honor. Akko dreams of Sucy's death repeatedly and struggles to move on.

To try and get closure of herself from Sucy, Akko decides to learn about her past, she asks every one, but no one knows about her past. To distract herself, Akko joins a broom race and wins, which makes Diana even more jealous and angry at Akko. They have a party for Akko's win, Akko and Amanda get drunk and have a one night stand, which sparks a romantic relationship between them.

After having another nightmare and a panic attack, Amanda tells Akko that the only info about Sucy's past that she knows is her Hometown in the Philippines and they both go there to let Akko get closure. Akko finds an in-depth file detailing Sucy's life in an abandoned Orphanage and reads it to understand her life.

In a flashback, Sucy is placed on the steps of the Orphanage in a basket when she is a baby, in the basket with her is a vial and a piece of paper with her first and last name. She is taken in by the Caretakers and lives in the Orphanage as an outcast to the other kids and mostly spends her time in the forest playing with mushrooms. After failing to make friends, Sucy takes her anger out in the forest and kills a rabbit. She is found by the Caretakers and forced her to clean up the body.

After the event, they took Sucy to a Doctor and gave her a mental test, where she is found to have Bipolar disorder, sociopathic traits, and to be a misanthrope. 

When Sucy was five, she is told by the Doctor that she has incurable cancer that will get worse when she gets older, Sucy becomes cold after she hears the news and kills a bully girl in the night of her newfound freedom. The Caretakers know that she killed her but say nothing.

Sucy is now 16, she kills people out of rage and is known as the "Poison Slasher" for pouring acid on her victim's faces, as well as placing them in front of Police Stations to give to their families. Sucy realizes that she doesn't have much time, so she researches her family's name and finds a castle home to an old man that is revealed to be her Grandfather. Lucy finds out that her family killed each other because she is the heir to the "Mushroom Throne" which makes her the "Mushroom Queen" a user with power over all of poisons and potions in the magical world.

After gaining the power of the Mushroom Throne and becoming the Mushroom Queen, Sucy's Grandfather also tells her that he was the one who started the war between the families and killed Sucy's mother. Sucy killed her Grandfather and set the Manbavaran Castle on fire, not before grabbing a potion kit, her Grandfather's wand, and a broom. She uses her new knowledge to self-experiment with herself to cut her cancer, but she fails and gains an immunization to poisons.

Sucy tries to kill herself but is stopped by Diana. She gives Sucy an Ultimatum, join Luna Nova and use her skills for good, or go to jail for her murders. Sucy decides to join Luna Nova after Diana accepts to let Sucy die when the next Villian they face appears. As they leave the Orphanage, Sucy gives an evil smile to the Caretakers as she tells the audience they'll die from cyanide in a few weeks because they are too important to be left alive.

After the flashback ends, Akko gains closure and burns the file of Sucy, while gaining resentment to Diana for lying to her about Sucy. Akko leaves with Amanda to Sucy's grave and leaves her the Mushroom Crown and some Mushrooms before leaving.

But unknown to Akko, a small golden glow appears under Sucy's grave.


  • Madisyn Shipman as Atsuko "Akko" Kagari: An intelligent and optimistic witch, who struggles with PTSD from the death of her friend Sucy.
  • Lizzy Greene as Sucy Manbavaran: A psychopathic witch with little to no hope in life, because of her cancer. She is shown through flashbacks.
  • Jessica Chastain as Chariot du Nord: Akko's biological mother and mentor.
  • Sophia Lillis as Lotte Jansson: One of Akko's friends with a knack for talking to spirits.
  • Rowan Blanchard as Amanda O'Neill: One of Akko's friends and later girlfriend who struggles with drinking problems and is one of the best flyers in Luna Nova.
  • Jessica Belkin as Diana Cavendish: One of the most popular witches in Luna Nova who is jealous of Akko.
  • Glenna Walters as Jasminka Antonenko: One of Akko's friends who runs a bakery in Russia.
  • Sadie Sink as Hannah England: A former bully of Akko, who is now her friend.
  • Merit Leighton as Barbara Parker: A former bully of Akko, who is now her friend.
  • Malina Weissman as Constance Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger: One of Akko's friends, a witch with an inventive mind.


Filming started in August and ended in July.


The movie received positive reviews for the subject matter of loss and acceptance and Sucy's story also received praise as well saying it made her a "tragic and complex character."


A sequel is planned to release in 2024, another film is set to release in the same year.

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