This is a list with all the Scream movie ideas.


The Scream (SwitzerlandDormammu) Edit

Sam Stone is a normal boy on school. Everything on school seems normal. A classmate of Sam is being bullied by some other kids, Sam has a crush on a girl. But after some time, a terrible killer is terrorizing the school. He calls himself the Scream. Because he wears a mask, nobody knows who he is. Sam and his friends have to stop this Scream until he kills everybody of the school.

The Scream Returns (SwitzerlandDormammu) Edit

1 Year after the events of The Scream, Sam and his friends think it is save in their town. But a new killer is back in the city. He is the Master Scream and he is more dangerous than all other Screams. Sam and his Friends are in a new class with also a lot killers. Who is going to survive the second Scream attack?

The Scream: Revenge of the Screams (SwitzerlandDormammu) Edit

After Mette was killed, Master Scream wants revenge. He awakes a whole Scream army and send them to attack. He really want Sam Stone to be dead. Sam and his friends still think Master Scream is death. But he comes back and he is more deathly than he is ever been. With the help of William he knows all the secrets of Sam and his friends. He wants to kidnap Sam again and lets him play the game of death. Who is this big psychopath??