This is a page with all Predator movies. Alien vs Predator: Hybridmorphs is also included, since it is more a Predator Movie than Alien Movie. Also, creating a special page to Alien vs Predator Movies is useless.


Predators 2 (SwitzerlandDormammu)Edit

After the Events of Predators, Royce and Isabelle have to survive the new hunting. With new people from all different countries they have to survive, but the new Predators are even more deadly than ever been. They find a temple and half of the team go in, but this temple has a lot of strange things. It is the home of all the Predators. Not knowing this, there lies a great danger for all of the group.

Alien vs Predator: Hybridamorphs (SwitzerlandDormammu) Edit

After Zoë and Gunnar return back to earth, they find out that a Predator is on their ship. The Predator wants to take over Earth and kill all Humans and Aliens. The Aliens want to strike back. The Alien Queen is secretly on earth. Subsequently, the Predators have followed them to earth. With the help of new allies, Zoë and Gunnar have to stop all those new threats.