This is a list of the LEGO movie ideas on this wiki.


LEGO Batman 2 (Inbuilding) (DanzxvFan8275)

After the events of the last movie, the Joker escapes the Phantom Zone and tries to fight Batman again. However, after he notices their relationship, Joker and Batman start hanging out. In a turn of events, when the Joker almost gets Batman killed and almost destroys Gotham, Batman seeks revenge and tries to throw him to hell, with the help of Robin, his butler Alfred Pennyworth, and many other Gotham citizens. 

Different Version of LEGO Batman 2 (NinjaMan107)

Flash wants to team up with Batman, but Batman doesn't want him to since he keeps interrupting everything. Batman discovers that a Jester from another dimension has teamed up with Joker in order to bring an enemy known as Lord Garmadon to Gotham City.

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