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FranceSwitzerland's James Bond Trilogy Edit

Blofeld's Return (FranceSwitzerland) Edit

After some years, Bond needs to come back. Blofeld has escaped from his prison. The last sign of him was in Stockholm. Bond has to find Blofeld, but first he needs to deal with Mr. Hinx, who has survived. Blofeld continue with his plans to destroy the world. With the help of 2 other secret agents, Bond has to kill Blofeld once and for all.

Blood From Above (FranceSwitzerland) Edit

M sends James Bond on a new mission that leads him to France, Australia, New Zealand and Serbia. Bond has to find out who Clement Blanchard is. He is a rich Frenchman and M thinks he is a criminal. Secretly, he is testing heavy bombs where he can destroy entire cities with. After discovering it, Bond has to kill Blanchard before he destroys London and Paris.

Firesoul (FranceSwitzerland) (Inbuilding) Edit


White Noise (Valeyard6282) Edit

When a dark web bid for entry into a high-risk poker game in Kingston for the exchange of a biological weapon goes live, 007 James Bond is assigned to shut the servers down before Phobos is released over an unknown major city.

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