This is a page with all the Alien Movies.


Alien: Alpha Predator (TheCrimson King208) Edit

After incidents of Prometheus and Covenant spaceships on LV-223,a third spaceship named Columbus has again arrived on that moon. The crew of Columbus has set many satellites around the second moon,called LV-426,and they have made a base on LV-223 and start with exploration of moon,but this time armed. After a while,they have found nothing on moon. Satellite,which can also be used as radars,have detected presence of an alien beings on LV-426. The crew has went on that moon,and they have find corpses of few alien beings. They have made a new base on LV-223 and start with operation of corpses,but they have find out that one of corpses has a parasite alien inside its chest,known as xenomorph,that will start a carnage of crew of Columbus.

Alien: Xeno (TheCrimson King208) Edit

Mark and Gysa were send to an unknown planet by Predators,and they went searching in a gigantic temple on a planet. They find out that temple is actually a big laboratory and that there are other humans there,and they were captured and send to a laboratory too. They will find out that there is a intelligent alien called The Engineer,and that he controls whole place,and uses humans and other animals from that planet as ''test subjects'' in making a perfect weapon. Mark will find out that weapons are actually the same creatures as ones that attacked them in Alpha Predator,and find out the truth of creatures's origin and why they exist.