The New Ultimate Heroes Cinematic Universe discards the original, except for Ultimate Heroes: Galactic War, which stays in the series. There are 5 phases, and some spin-off non-canon films. The first phase has 6 films, the second with 8, the third with 10, the fourth with 8, and the fifth has 10.

Phase 1

Danny Phantom

When a young boy (Jason Drucker) watches his older brother die in an explosion, he gains superpowers. Ten years later, he (Logan Lerman) discovers that he can unleash his powers by becoming a ghost. When an ancient prophecy comes to destroy Earth, releasing the Pariah (Robbie Amell), Danny must team up with Spider-Man (Tom Holland) to defeat him.

The Iron Man Lives!

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) brings a homeless 17-year-old shapeshifter (Zendaya) into his home after she saves him from a robot. It turns out that the robot was sent to destroy him. When Ultron (James Spader) reveals that it was him who brought the robot, Tony must return to being Iron Man and team up with the shapeshifter to destroy him and his army.

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his classmates become trapped in their school when a gigantic alien called Gog (Dee Bradley Baker) attacks Queens. He must find a way out and find Danny Phantom (Logan Lerman) in order to stop the Gog.


When trillionaire Toby Red (Chris Pine) loses his arm in a chemical accident, he gets a robot arm from Tony Stark that allows him to create anything out of pure air. When his younger brother attacks Columbus, Ohio, Toby must set aside his business and become crimefighting vigilante Red.

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