Lise Stephens is a Character of the Scream series. She appeared in The Scream: The Curse of Death. She was portrayed by Caroline Sunshine. She is the lover of Owen Mulligan


The Scream: The Curse of Death

Lise Stephens was a normal girl. She was in the same class as Owen Mulligan, Sam Stone, Bruce Wakefield and Ron Pearson. On a normal night She went to Deep Purple where she started to talk with Owen Mulligan. Later they fell in love and became more closer. Later they also met Luke White. He talked a bit with them, but later he went away.

Some days later, Lise was kidnapped by a Scream. Owen wanted to save her, but it was already too late and he was also kidnapped by the Screams. They were later left free by a Scream. This scream's real identity was Violet Cross. They went to Sam, and told them everything what happened. After it they started to work to find out who the Scream is.

Sam was later disappeared. Everything was confused what happened. Lise later went back to her house and has to deal with it.




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