Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor Jr. (May 10, 1984 - October 25, 2026) is a megalomaniacal multi-billionaire businessman, as well as one of the smartest individuals in the world by far. He is the current owner and CEO of LexCorp Industries. Lex Luthor also becomes the archnemesis of Superman, whose very existence makes Lex feel threatened, which makes the malevolent supergenius go out of his way to expose the godlike alien superhero as a fraud, and to subsequently destroy him, by first pitting Superman against Batman, and then his monstrous creation Doomsday. Lex, however, is ultimately jailed as a supercriminal for his exposed numerous unspeakable crimes, first in Belle Reve supermax, and then in Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Following the founding of the Justice League and defeat of Steppenwolf, Lex escapes captivity, acquires a private yacht, and meets up with Deathstroke to discuss their upcoming partnership. Lex Luthor is Portrayed by actor Jesse Eisenberg in DC Extended Universe.

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