Leo Redlodge is the main protagonist of Never Say No


Redlodge fought in Afghanistan under General Hammer and was one of the few who survived. At Some Point he joined the C.I.A. He helped save all of Europe from a terrorist promoting him to special agent status.

Never Say No

Redlodge is witness to Trump's death, and helped with the investigation. He travelled to North Korea to steal a nuke that terrorists were planning to steal. He gets captured by General Hammer who blames him for his sons death. He is tortured by Hammer but is freed by Hammer's granddaughter, Kalyn whom he seduces. The two escape to the U.S. and Redlodge busts up a gang in order to impersonate a member. He then sneaks into "The Doctor's" lair. He is trapped in a superheated sauna but escapes with freezing pellets. He then kills the Doctor and Hammer on a plane.


  • Redlodge's glasses have lasers in the lens and can analyze what they are viewing with a computer interface and can give him a heads up display. Inside the tips are gas pellets.
  • Redlodge uses a gun that is spring loaded (which means that there are no ballistics).
  • His cigarette lighter has a flamethrower action.
  • HIs shoes have flameproof soles that can knock someone out with a kick.
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