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Leafie Longest Adventure: A Bluesy Beaverton and the Children Gang Movie is an American 2020 Animated Adventure Netflix TV Movie based of the 2020 Nickelodeon Animated TV Series, Bluesy Beaverton and the Children Gang Movie. It will be released the Teaser in March 5, 2020 and released the Tralier in March 14, 2020. The film was released on Netflix on April 23, 2020.


Leafie Tallertail and her friends will go on a Adventure in the Woods.


The TV Movie starts off with a parody of the 1981 Fantasy Adventure film Raiders of the Lost Ark, titled Okey Dokey Jones. Pouncer introduces everyone to the audience, Leafie, who she considers the bravest kid he's ever known, Harris, Dawn, Chet and Nash who like to play and Pouncer, who is scared a lot of time but knows as long as Leafie and Harris is around they'll always be saved. Harris notes that he and his friends thought their fun and adventures would last forever, however they were wrong. The Young Kids attempt to reach a bowl of bananas and ice cream but can't reach, and are eventually chased out of the temple by a boulder, but back in Reality which turns out to be a pregnant Karline Tallertail, causing the kids to run away, and run straight into the sliding door window.

Karline Tallertail is going to get her second baby, which she believes will be a boy while everyone else believes it will be a girl. Karline goes into labor during the Baby Shower Party and her Friends rush her to the Hospital. While this is happening, the Young Kids crawl off and explore a Nursery Area before being found by the other Teenagers. When the baby is finally born after a montage of past lives, it turns out to a girl and they name her Ferline. She quickly becomes a very spoiled and mean baby, crying non-stop for attention, keeping all of the toys for herself, and refusing to share with Leafie. After a nasty fight between Leafie and Ferline over the teddy bear, Bluesy Beaverton has a conversation with him about being a big sister and the responsibility he now has, assuring him that one day he will be happy to have Ferline as her youngest sister. He also gives Leafie a locket with a picture of Leafie and Ferline taped together and a watch inside, which he calls her "sponsitility" (his term for responsibility).

The Wild Brothers Prairie Dog Circus Train arrives at a Station, Mr. Sidrid and Punkie Dunkie stop to have some coffee, but bicker about who should stay and watch the Prairie Dogs. They both decide to go in and have coffee, and while arguing about which place has better coffee, the unattended Prairie Dogs escape and make their way to the Steam Engine at the front of the Train, where they take off with it. Mr. Sidrid and Punkie Dunkie, both shocked, rush out to try and stop it, but are too late, and watch as the Train disappears in the distance. The Prairie Dogs wreak havoc in the Engine room, and make the Rngine travel at full speed around a slow curve area, causing it to derail and tumble down into the Forest. Back at The Children Rescue House, Karline is reading a bedtime story for Leafie about a wizard which grants a wish, until Feather Wood comes in with Ferline, wanting her help. Both of them sing Ferline a Lullaby, while Leafie tries to get their attention, but to no avail. Ferline eventually falls asleep, and a sad Leafie tucks herself in, thinking that the Teenagers have forgotten her.

When Ferline pushes the other Young Kids too far, they decide to take her back to the Hospital despite Leafie's disapproval, and end up driving recklessly through the streets in a Rondor Wagon which Feather Wood had built for a contest. Along the way, Ferline secretly steals Darlina's Kitty Doll, which prompts her to take the Stinkpew and they embark on a quest to find the kids and retrieve her doll. The kids eventually crash in the Woods, where they realize that they are lost. They spot a Ranger's Cabin where they believe a "red dog" lives, and decide to go there, believing that it can take them home. After an encounter with a gang of runaway Circus Prairie Dogs, Ferline is taken away by them. Leafie vows to find Ferline by herself, after Harris, Pouncer, Dawn, Chet and Nash agreed they are better off without her. Meanwhile, the Teenagers find out that the Young Kids are missing and try to find them. However, it becomes a media sensation with numerous news reporters constantly asking the Gang questions and intentionally enrages Rattz into attacking Feather Wood by telling him he lost Darlina. Leafie eventually finds Ferline during a storm, and forced to take a Shelter under a tree. But as Leafie tries to take care of her, Ferline selfishly drinks all of the milk and keeps the large blanket for herself, which leads to the blanket tearing in half and Leafie falling into a puddle of mud. Leafie finally snaps and nearly pours peanut butter baby food on Ferline for the Prairie Dogs to take her away, but Leafie's rage and the storm's lightning and thunder scare Ferline so much that she sees the error of her ways. They reconcile and sleep peacefully.

After the storm, the other Young Kids find Leafie and Ferline, and after running into Darlina and Stinkpew they make their way to the "red dog". While on a bridge, they are confronted by the Circus Prairie Dogs, but are then scared off by a Coyote named Sir Carnivore who's been hunting down the Young Kids since they arrived in the Woods. Stinkpew intervenes and fights Sir Carnivore until they both fall from the bridge. Meanwhile, Bluesy, who has been looking for the Young Kids via a Vulture-like Aircraft he made, finally finds them, but crash lands into the Ranger's Cabin. Believing he is the "red dog," the Young Kids wish for Stinkpew back instead of going home. Feather Wood falls through the bridge and finds Stinkpew, who actually survived the fall by landing on a strut of the bridge. The Young Kids are then reunited with the Gang, and the Prairie Dogs with their Circus Owners. The Prairie Dogs attack Broodie Stanker who is the Bully and tries to take over the news, much to Princess Razzberris and Lil' Stinky's amusement. The Gang return home and the Young Kids accept Ferline as one of the group after she assists them in getting an ice cream sundae form the top shelf of the refrigerator.

In a post-credits scene, Nutter Butter is sleeping in the Rondor Wagon when a Goat kicks it, sending both the Wagon and Nutter Butter down the street and presumably starting another Adventure all over again.



Elizabeth Daily as Leafie Tallertail - A helpful Tree Kangaroo Joey who is famous School Cheerleader. She is the Main Protagonist of the Movie.

Danny Balkwill as Harris Faulkner - A friendly Golden Hamster Pup who likes to share his own stuff. He is the Secondary Main Protagonist of the Movie.

Cree Summer as Pouncer Little - A fun-loving White Tiger Cub loves to play sports.

Tabitha St. Germain as Dawn Ferris - A precious Gray Black-Footed Ferret Kit who is kind to the Others and sometimes very grouchy and bossy.

Richard Ian Cox as Chet Colley - A lay-back Sky Blue Border Collie Puppy who is the only oldest friend of Sariah Black. 

Claire Corlett as Nash Cuddlesworth - A cuddly Lavender Northen River Otter Pup who loves giving them cuddles.

Teresa Gallagher as Darlina Downer - A Red and White Northern Dingo Pup who is a Class Daredevil.

Sophie Roberts as Sariah Black - a kind-caring European Badger Cub who is Befriends with the Super Critters.

Sabrina Pitre as Ferline Tallertail - Leafie's Baby Sister.

Dee Bradley Baker as Stink-Pew: A Little Robotic Bush-Tailed Skunk who helps the Super Critters to find their way.


Antoinette Spolar as Karline Tallertail - Leafie's Mother.

Tim Allen as Bluesy Beaverton: A Mid-Size Light Blue Louse Beaver who is a Referee of the Game and a Leader of the Gang.

Sarah Hyland as Dania Beaverton: A little Tan Louse Beaver who is a Cheerleader of the Game and Bluesy's Sister.

Allegra Clark as Majesty Maddline - A Whitetail Fawn who is a Analyst Boss of Bluesy and his Team.

Janet Jackson as Mellowy Lilacs -  A Bright Purple Aphid Opposum who is the Super Critter's Practice Singer.

Fletcher Sheridan as Nutter Butter - A Forest Meerkat who Majesty Maddlie's Boss 

Jake Roseman as Sonnie Boi - A Gray and White Prairie Dog who is Majesty Maddlie's Other Boss. 

Christina Hendricks as Trinna: A Pink Blattodea Tree Squirrel who is a Student.

Claire Foy as Sparkle Splash - Trinna's pet Animatronic Sea Otter.

Diane D'Aquila as Amber Kittyson - A Siberian Kitten who is The Super Critters's Boss.

Cole Caplan as Feather Wood: A Mosquito Woodpecker who is a Flight Pilot member of Bluesy's Team. He is a Leader of the Super Critters.

Sofía Vergara as Princess Razzberries: A Older Thrips Gray Fox Kit who is a Majesty Mammal and the Second-In-Command to Feather Wood.

Penny Marshall as Lil' Stinky: A little Purple Stinkbug Skunk who greets Bluecorn, even the Animal Patrol Team.

Evan Kishiyama as Bradie Bonester: A Tan Collie Pup who is a Playful Friend.

Pierce Gagnon as Rattz: A little Light-Gray Bush Cricket Raccoon who is Lil' Stinky's Best Friend and the Bandit member.

Lacy Phillips as Bluecorn: A little Blue Earwig Long-Eared Chipmunk who is very playful, even meeting the Animal Patrol Team and the Playful Member.

Kathy Najimy as Sneakers: A little Torch Key Raccoon who is Rattz's Sister and Hummy JewelFeather's Best Friend. She is befriends with The Animal Patrol Team and The Super Critters.

Amy Adams as Swifti: A Ring-Tailed Possum who is Sneakers's Companion.

Jhonen Vasquez as Broodie Stanker - A Stinkbug Badger who is a Bully.

Leah Renee as Lellie Lemury - A Female Lemur who is Broodie's Sidekick.


Michael Rianda as Beaky Longview - A Barn Owl Chick who is a Wildlife Viewer.


Gary Krawford as Mr. Sidrid the Newt

Keith Knight as Punkie Dunkie the Sea Otter

Rita Moreno as Dr. Shepherd - A Female Australian Blue Heeler Dog who is a Doctor.

Jo Wyatt as Nurse Gazzie - A Female African Gazelle who is a Nurse.

Prudence Alcott - Dr. Englanda Black - A European Badger who is a Doctor and Sariah's Mother.

Busta Rhymes as The Rondor Wagon

David Spade as Sir Carnivore the Coyote - The Main Antagonist of the TV Movie.

Frank Welter as the Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs (Macker, Brinley, Lubie, T, Wags, Whitetail and Squeakers).

Laurie Anderson as Shelby the Pug Pup

B Real as Pedro the Gecko Hatchling

Gordon Gano as Tyrone the Turtle Hatchling

Lisa Loeb as Charro the Parrot Chick

Kate Pierson as Jojo the Kangaroo Joey

Lou Rawls as Robert the Frog Tadpole

Dawn Robinson as Harper the Harp Seal Pup

Fred Schneider as Robbie the Raccoon Kit

Patti Smith as Persia the Long-Haired Kitten

Beck as Jack the Rabbit Kit

Lenny Kravitz as Arthur the Arctic Fox Cub

Phife as Webster the Platypus

Iggy Pop as Roary the Lion Cub

Jakob Dylan as Wolfgang the Husky Pup

Cindy Wilson as Kittie the Tiger Cub


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Leafie Longest Adventure: A Bluesy Beaverton and the Children Gang Movie/Transcript


  • In the opening scene, the Young Kids failed to reach the bowl, and had a giant boulder (which in reality it is Karline's pregnant belly) scared them away.
  • In the ending scene, Ferline reached the bowl.


  • The TV Movie is based off the1998 American animated adventure comedy film, The Rugrats Movie.
  • Leafie, Harris, Pouncer, Dawn, Chet, Nash and Darlina are the only Characters to wear Outfits in the TV Movie.



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