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     Lavender Town is a horror/thriller movie based on a creepypasta about the 200 kids from 7-12 years old who died by commiting suicide because of the Lavender Town tone of the Japanese version of Pokémon Red/Green released February 27th, 1996.


A police agent Kousei Kobayashi, investigates one of the 200 kids who commited suicide, taking place at Asakura, Japan.




  1. Dave Bautista- Agent Kousei Kobayashi
  2. Ki Hong Lee - Agent Eida
  3. Donnie Yen - Chief Oogusuku
  4. Li Jun Li - Sana Niita
  5. Ming-Na Wen - Agent Saito
  6. Fuku Suzuki - Kisuke Niita (victim #1)
  7.  ????? - Nichie Saito (victim #2)
  8. David Lim - Taiki Saito
  9. Jackie Chan - Hidenori Kobayashi (Kousei's Father)
  10. Kimiko Glenn - Sachina Naitou (Sana's Neighbor)
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