Last Object Standing: The Movie is a Object Show Horror-Action Friendship Movie to be released in November, 27, 2018.


Pinkella the villain vampire bat and her minions wanted to bit all the contestants turn into vampires. But luckily then, Carlie Mcgill can stop her from bitting all the Contestants.


In the Land of Last Object Standing, A Cockroach Fennec Fox named Carlie Mcgill is met the LOS Characters. She met the Contestants, but Shtap Sign tells her when she was a savage but she was nice as he let her going. A Pink Bat named Pinkella with her Minions has a plan to bite all the Contestants.

Carlie was walking and meeting them when Pinkella the bat lives in the tree and spotted her. She told her minions to have a plan to bite the Contestants turn into Vampires. Pinkella saw Deo the Prankster as she bits him, In the night as he was turn into a Vampire, then her minions bit Cologne, Pineapple and Glowstick was transforming too.

Carlie Mcgill was in the big bush until she seeing Pinkella and her minions bite all the Contestants turn into vampires. She was telling Tie and Virtual Roy about these villains bitting all the Contestants turning into VAMPIRES!!!. Ginger Ale was right when he told them, but Deo bit him as Carlie Mcgill Fight him when Pinkella caught them.

Tie ask her "Go to the Edible Objects Inc. So you go find them to stop the bats." She was rushing through the Edible Objects Inc when she was meeting them. She was telling Cash and the Gang what she was doing to stop the bats. She was turning into a superhero in fox outfit to stop the bats. Before she leaves she saw 3 forest Companions, Rokku, Blizzy and Hedger when Steak gave her. Carlie Mcgill was off to a adventure with her animal friends.

In the River, Hedger saw a Otter Pup who swims with her Family and her name is Olivia as she joins them. In the Forest, Blizzy saw a Chipmunk and his name Charlesy as he will join them too. In the Article, Rokku saw Arbbie the Arctic Fox Cub as he will join them as well.

As Carlie Mcgill and her Animal Friends are Arrived in the Bat Cave but Carlie Mcgill knows which tunnel is Pinkella's Lair. Her tag lights up Purple when Cash calls her "Maybe is the right tunnel or left, I don' know?" When Carlie Mcgill is headed to the right tunnel, but is a booby trap as she ran away. She thinking that the lair was in the left tunnel as she goes.

So they in the Lair while Pinkella the Bat saw them "How do you bite all the Contestants?" Carlie Mcgill Said. Pinkella shows them there in the jail cell because they are all Vampires. Carlie and the Animal Friends are running away, but the bat minion got Carlie Mcgill and he went back to Pinkella. The Animal Friends are safe & sound and they know that Carlie was caught as they inside the cave to rescue her.


Carlie Mcgill the Cockroach Fennec Fox

Pinkella the Bat (Villain)

Pinkella's Minions (Henchmen)

Hula Quokka Friends of Army

Hedger the Hedgehog

Blizzy the Robot Beaver

Rokku the Eastern Raccoon

Olivia the Otter Pup

Charlesy The Chipmunk

Arbbie the Arctic Fox Cub


Virtual Roy

Ginger Ale

Shtap Sign



Bubba Fudge

Stained Glass


Cannon Ball




Jaffa Cake






Ferrero Rocher









Everything At Once (Nightcore Version) (Going to LOS Land Scene)

Tonight We Strike - The Lion Guard (Nightcore Version)

Remember the Name - Fort Minor (Go to the Cave Scene)

My Demons - Starset (Fight The Bats Scene)

Light 'Em Up - Fall Out Boy (Ending Scene)


Party Time Carlie Mcgill

Olivia was doing some tricks

Blizzy's Adventure of the Forest

How Hedger met Cash and the Gang

Carlie's FairyTale Story


Carlie's Bat Quest

Cash & the Gang and a search for Carlie Mcgill

YouTube Videos

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  • Carlie McGill is a new main character from the new Nickelodeon show called Mighty Bug 5: Animal Patrol.
  • Pinkella has the siimilar name to the Mixels character.
  • A fox suit is a based of the Beanie Boos Slick.
  • Hula Quokka Friends of Army is similar to the Hula Friends of Army from Larryboy.
  • Blizzy was not damage. Instead, she got electronic all by herself.
  • Blizzy was a Animal Mechanical Beaver when she was transform into a racing speed power like Mouse.


20th Century Fox

Blue Sky Studios

RealRockNRollaaa Production

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