Kirby: Adventures Upon Stars is a action adventure comedy fantasy animated film based on the Nintendo's video-game franchise Kirby. The idea was made by MinecraftFan11onScratch.


Kirby,on one of his pacific strolls over Dreamland,discovers a alien girl called "Turquoise" that needs his help,since she crash landed on Popstar escaping from a enemy race of her kind. So,Kirby must unite forces with Meta Knight,King Dedede,and Bandanna Waddle Dee,and go trough planets,freeing them from the race that Turquoise ran from.


The film begins on space,where a turquoise-colored spaceship is escaping from war-spaceships with dark violet colors,as Turquoise (not revealing her identity) narrates how she ended up at this situation. She,her mother and her twin brother had to escape from their homeplanet because of the attack of the "Erebus",creatures extremely similar to her race in body shape and size,but vastly different in-personality,being cold and callous tyrants. Eventually,Turquoise's ship is hitted,and she crashes on a planet shaped like a star: Popstar.

Then,the narration focus changes to Kirby. Kirby cheerfuly presents himself,the Dreamland (the kingdom he settled his home within) and some of his previous adventures,but mentions that "in one specific day...a brand new adventure came crashing". And this day is the day where Turquoise crash-landed on Dreamland.








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