King Of The Monsters Is A 2002 American Science Fiction/Action/Drama/War/Kaiju Film Directed By Jan De Bont. It Is Tristar Pictures' Second Attempt To Reboot Godzilla After The Failure Of The 1998 Zilla Film. Unlike The 1998 Film, The Movie Received More Positive Reviews And Has 81% On Rotten Tomatoes. The Film Is Rated PG-13.


Plot Synopsis

In 1954, A Gigantic Monster Known As Godzilla Awakened From Nuclear Bombs After The Fateful Events Of World War 2, And Attacked Japan, And Since Then, The Creature Continued To Plague Mankind. But Now, In 2002, Godzilla May Face A Monster Far Worse Than Even Himself. The Creature, A Devil Incarnate, DESTROYAH! The Horrible Creature Can Control Kaiju That Godzilla Previously Fought, And Can Even Resurrect Kaiju Godzilla Killed. Doing This, Starts A War Of The Worlds Between Man And Kaiju, A Band Of Military Soilders Must Get To Safety And Reunite With Their Families And Loved Ones, And Godzilla Must Save The World From A Coming Doomsday. 


• It Is The Second Godzilla Reboot That Tristar Did, Unlike The 1998 Film, It Was "More Better Than The 98 Film"

• Godzilla In This Film Is More Powerful Than Ghidorah 2019

• Mothra Is Immortal And Is Immune To Destroyah's Most Powerful Attacks

• Mothra Only Appears In The Film's Climatic Battle

• A Model Of The Gotengo Can Be Briefly Seen In The President's Desk

• A Poster Of Gamera Super Monster (1980) Can Be Seen In A Child's Bedroom

• King Of The Monsters Is 2 Hours And 42 Minutes, Marking One Of The Longest Godzilla Films To Date

• Several B Movies Appear In The Film, As Easter Eggs, Footage From The Giant Claw, (1957) The Toxic Avenger, (1984) THEM, (1954) The Incredible Shrinking Man, (1957) And Tammy And The T-Rex (1994) Appear Briefly During The Evacuation Scene, As Well As Footage From Jurassic Park (1993)

• During Production, They Originally Planned To Give Godzilla His 1998 Roars, But Then Decided To Use The Millennium Godzilla Roars Instead, Because They Said That "It Was More Epic."


A Teaser Trailer For King Of The Monsters Was Released In July 2001 In Selected Screenings Of Jurassic Park III. (2001) The Teaser Had Extremely Positive Reactions From Audiences And Godzilla Fans Alike. Eventually, A Full Trailer In The Style Of The Heisei Godzilla Films Was Released During Screenings Of A Beautiful Mind. (2001) Carl's Jr Contributed To The Marketing Of The Film Will $30 Million In Media Support. The Carl's Jr Marketing Of The Film Included A Commercial Featuring Carls Staff Trying To Attract Godzilla And Many Other Kaiju That Appear In The Film Will A "Godzilla Thickburger" That Customers Could Buy At Carl's Jr, As Well As A Kids Meal With Figures Based On Godzilla, Destroyah, Rodan, King Ghidorah, The Owl Dragon, And Anguirus.

Hasbro Entered A Merchandising Deal with The Film's Producers To Create A Tie-in Line Of Toys Based On The Kaiju That Appear In The Film, Especially Godzilla. Toy Sales Boosted As The Toys Became A Popular Line. The Reason Why Is That The Toys Where Cheap, Most Of The Figures Where $7 Dollars, While The "Atomic Glow Godzilla" Figure Was $12 Dollars. A Video Game On The PlayStation 2, Xbox, And Game Boy Was Released Two Days Before The Release Of The Film. It Is A Fighting Game Similar To Warpath: Jurassic Park (1999) Thanks To The Fighters Being The Kaiju From The Movie. The Film Was Marketed With Several Taglines Such As "The King Will Rise," " There Goes Tokyo,"  And "Monsters Will Rise." A Weekend Before The Film's Release, The ABC Channel Aired A Hour Long Special On The Film, The First Third Of Which Was A Spoof News Report On The Events Of The Film. Other Promotions Include Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Bandai, And Jell-O.

The Film Premiered On May 30, 2002 At The IFC Center In New York City. With A Nation Wide Release On June 6, 2002. 


King Of The Monsters Has Grossed $60.9 Million In The United States And Canada, And $204.6 Million In Other Territories. Rotten Tomatoes Reported That 81% Of Critics Gave King Of The Monsters A Positive Review Based On 120 Reviews. The Critic's Consensus Reads: "You Thought That Godzilla 1998 Was Awful, But America Made Something Better, A True American Godzilla Film, A Hollywood Godzilla Film That Is Better Than The 98 Film. Godzilla Fans Will Enjoy This Film Defiantly."   On Metacritic, King Of The Monsters Has A Score Of 94 Out Of 100 Based On 30 Critics, Indicating "Favorable Reviews". 


The Film's Score Was Composed By Don Davis. The Soundtrack Was Released On May 19, 2002. It Also Features Stock Music From Toho's Kaiju Films. Especially Akira Ifukube's Scores. Don Davis's Score Was Conducted By The London Symphony Orchestra.


Don Davis:

1. Main Title

2. Wrath Of The Gods

3. A Family Torn Apart 

4. White House

5. Prepared For Glory

6. Godzilla

7. Legends 

8. Destroyer

9. Irony Of Fate  

10. Odo Island 

11. The First Round Of Battle

12. The Devil Himself 

13. Annihilation Has Three Heads!

14. The Worse Case Scenario: Monsters Fighting

15. Godzilla Against Destroyah

16. Weakened By Hell

17. Metallic Pretender Of The Thorne

18. Feed Me!

19. Humans Vs Monsters

20. Just Do It! 

21. A Goddess Of Love And Peace, Mothra

22. The Battle Concludes

23. King Of The Monsters

24. End Credits (First Half)

Stock Music:

1. Godzilla Main Title (Godzilla 1954)

2. Fire Dragon Pursuit (Destroy All Monsters)

3. Get King Ghidorah! (Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah)

4. Scramble March (Godzilla Vs Biollante)

5. Super X 2 (Godzilla Vs Biollante)

6. Farewell My Homeland (Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah)

7. Main Title: The Destruction Of Hong Kong (Godzilla Vs Destroyah)

8. Ending Theme (Godzilla 1985)

9. Godzilla's Theme (Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla 1993)

10. The Appearance Of Godzilla (Terror Of Mechagodzilla)

11. Monster Zero March (OSTINATO, Invasion Of Astro Monster)

12. Dogora Vs The Self Defense Forces (OSTINATO, Dogora)

13. Battle In Outer Space (OSTINATO, Battle In Outer Space)

14. Menu (Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact)

15. The Mysterians Retaliate (The Mysterians)

16. After The War (Gunhead)

17. Mu's Cry (Atragon)

18. Rescue (Atragon)

19. It's All Over (Godzilla Vs Megaguirus)

20. Godzilla's Theme (Godzilla 2000)

21. End Credits (Second Half, Features Tracks 9, 11, 15, And 20)


1. Without Me (Eminem, Appears In The End Credits)

2. The King Must Die (Elton John, Appears In The End Credits)

3. Godzilla (Blue Öyster Cult, Appears In The End Credits, As Well As A Few TV Spots For The Film)

4. Worship The King (Ice Cube, A Song He Did To Promote The Film, Appears In The End Credits, As Well As A Few TV Spots For The Film)

Animated Series

King Of The Monsters Was Made Into An Animated Series Called "King Of The Monsters: The Power Of Destruction". The Animation Style Is Similar To Alienators: Evolution Continues, And Ran On Fox Kids From 2002 To 2004.


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