Kevin John Daniel Thompson Jerzy (February 10, 1977), is an a purple man who was experimented on by his parents since his childhood in order to treat a neurodegenerative disease, but the treatment ended up giving him the new ability to control people's minds at his will. Assuming the name Kilgrave, he began to use his powers for personal gain and developed a cruel nature, eventually coming across Justice League, including Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne. whom he kept as his personal sex slave for several months.

Kilgrave became killer with Clark and Wayne, even falling in vandalism and hunting them down since them managed to overcome his thrall, using Slade Wilson and Lex Luthor to get closer to them and trying to manipulate them into staying with them. Clark explained that he had the idea to teach Kilgrave morality so he can use his powers for good but Kilgrave's quest for a loving future with Diana soon fell apart when she went behind his back and tried to have him arrested. Now furious at the betrayal, he focused his efforts on enhancing his powers with the help of his father and finally Wayne killing Kilgrave. He was eventually cornered while trying to escape New York City to killed by explosion from cars. Despite being defeated by Bruce Wayne he considered an equal, his fearsome reputation was repeatedly mentioned through out New York and other places he has been by civilians, his former victims and their enemies alike. Kilgrave is Portrayed by David Tennant.

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