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Jurassic War​​​​​, Also Known As The Working Title Of "Arcadia" Is An 2021 American Science Fiction/Thriller/War/Drama/Action Film Directed And Written By Colin Trevorow, Who Also Directed Jurassic World (2015) And It's Short Film, Battle At Big Rock. (2019) It Serves As A Sequel To Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. (2018) The Film Was Released On June 11, 2021, With Positive Reviews. Rotten Tomatoes Declares That 89% Of Critics Gave Jurassic War A Positive Review. The Film Is Rated PG-13.

Note: This Is My Third Attempt At Jurassic World 3.



In 2018 AD, Blue, A Velociraptor That Owen (Chris Pratt) Trained For Years Escapes Into The World Along With The Other Dinosaurs, Blue Interacts With Owen One Last Time, For Now. Then, Blue Escapes Into The Woods. Then, The Title Card Appears. (Inspired By Battle At Big Rock) 

Many Years later, In 2021 AD, Dinosaurs Have Populated The World, And Open Sourcing Has Gone All Over The Planet. Garfield Markinson, (John Boyega, And No Not Garfield The Cat) Has Just Got Home And Reunited With His Friend, Davis In New York city. (Mamodou Athie) He Warns Garfield That Dinosaurs Are All Over The Planet, Including The American Mainland, Much Of Garfield's Surprise. In Northern California, Owen, Claire Dearing, (Bryce Dallas Howard) And Their Adapted Clone Daughter, Maisie Lockwood, (Isabella Sermon) Live In A Log Cabin Now, They Still Have Nightmares About The Lockwood Manor Incident Of 2018, Especially Maisie. She Has Nightmares About The Indoraptor, & Feels Guilty About Letting The Dinosaurs Free Into The Entire World, In Witch The Public Thinks She Had Caused The Apocalypse. Clarie Asks Her If She Wants To Eat Breakfast And Watch The News To See Updates On The Dinosaurs. She Calmly Says Yes. The News Comes On, And Reveals That Maisie Did Not Free The Dinosaurs As A Evil Act, But A Heroic Act. Meanwhile Nearby In A Bar, Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neil) And His Close Friend, A Former Military Soilder Named Rick, (Stephen Lang) Are Surprised By The News Report. Rick Says That "She's A Hero, & Not Villain?! What A Twist." Then, Grant Remembers That He Seen Dinosaurs In His Backyard For 3 Years. Grant Then Says That "I Did Not Realize That They Where All Over The Earth." 

Back In New York, Garfield And Davis Enjoy The Comfort Of Watching Tv, Suddenly, Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) Visits. She Is Visiting People Who Had Experience With Dinosaurs Long Ago, Davis Agrees, But Garfield Fears He Could Die, Because Sattler And The Dinosaur Protection Group Are Going To Do A Perilous Mission To Stop Their Rival Organization, "Extinction Now!" They Are Plotting To Kill All Of The Dinosaurs. It's Up To The DPG To Stop This From Happening, And They Want Dinosaurs And Man To Live In Peace. Garfield Then Ends Up Joining The Rescue Operation. However, Another Company Wants To Mess With The Dinosaurs, Biosyn. Meanwhile In The Extinction Now! Headquarters, The Founder, Ian Malcolm, (Jeff Goldblum) Shows Dinosaur Hunters Loyal To Him The Plans For Killing All Of The Dinosaurs Using A Genetically Created Disease Called "DX." They Will Put DX Infested Meat On Dead Dinosaurs, Then The Dinosaurs Eat It, Then They Die. Meanwhile In The Headquarters Of Biosyn, Lewis Dodgson (Cameron Thor) Announces The Movement To Make Dinosaurs Soilders, This Project Is Called "The Living Weapons Project." (LWP) In The DPG Headquarters, Claire Dearing Announces That Extinction Now And Biosyn Will Mess With the Dinosaurs. Garfield And Davis Are Now New Members Of The DPG, Along With Owen, Alan, Ellie, And Sarah Harding. (Julianne Moore) 3 Days Later, All 3 Organizations Are Ready To Start Their Missions. Owen Decides To Go On His Own To Find Blue. Owen Himself Stumbles Upon Biosyn Helicopters, So He Must Hurry. 

Meanwhile, Biosyn Vehicles And "Dino-Wranglers" Arrive And Capture Dinosaurs. (Inspired By The Lost World Jurassic Park) Some Dinosaurs Are Managed To Be Captured, Like A Corythosaurus, 2 Pachycephalosaurus, A Deinonychus, And 9 Ankylosaurus. As The Round Up Continues, Garfield, Along With Claire, Alan, And Sarah, Watch For The Right Moment To Stop The Round Up. A Couple Of Minutes Later, The Right Moment Has Come And The Round Up Is Eventually Stopped, But The Captured Dinosaurs Will Be Sent To Egypt. Meanwhile, Owen Grady Struggles To Find Blue. He Searches For A Couple More Minutes Before Suddenly, A Ferocious Grizzly Bear Attacks Him, Then, A Carnotaurus Fights The Bear. Owen Proceeds To Run. But At The Right time, Blue Herself Shows Up And Reunites With Owen, But The Carnotaurus And Blue Are Tranquilized. Owen Is Too. Meanwhile, A Team Of Extinction Now Mercenaries Put DX Infested Meat On Dead Dinosaurs, They Will Do This All Over The World. Claire And Garfield's Crew Finally Prevented Biosyn From Turing The Dinosaurs Into Soilders, In North America Anyway. But Now The Military Is Involved In The Mission Claire Calls "Project: Peace." As Rexy, The Tyrannosaurus Rex From Isla
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Nublar Raids A Zoo. The Military Opens Fire On The Dinosaur, But Rexy Does Not Die. To Make Matters Worse, A Flock Of Pteranodon Attacks The Same Zoo, Attacking Animals! Dodgson Decides To Vow The Mercenaries To Traq The Dinosaurs Invading The Zoo, Saying "We're Gonna Have One Last Shot Here In America..." The Prehistoric Animals That Got Captured By Biosyn Are Sent To Egypt, Including Blue. Claire, Garfield, Owen, Alan And The Others Reunite And Prepare To Go North To Russia. 

In Egypt, Some Biosyn Workers Feed A Pachycephalosaurus To A Very Aggressive Spinosaurus. Dodgson, On A Radio, Talks To The Mercenaries About The Next Job In Russia, To Capture More Dinosaurs. The DPG Crew Use A Plane To Get To Russia. Owen Misses Blue. And Maisie Joined The Mission With Clarie's Permission. They Arrive In Russia, Only To A Russian Village Destroyed. A Helicopter With The Extinction Now! Logo Arrives With Ian Malcolm On It. Owen Argues With Malcolm But Claire Breaks It Up. The Mission Continues For All Three Organisations. In The Woods, Garfield And Owen Try To Find The Nearest Game Trail So They Can Prevent Extinction Now And Biosyn's Plans. They Find An Oviraptor Nest In The Trek. The Oviraptor Wards The Boys Off Her Territory. Meanwhile In A Camp For The Night,Claire Talks To Maisie And Sarah. Maisie, To Claire And Sarah's Shock Said That "The Dinosaurs, My True Kind, Are Officially Wanting A War Against Man." Grant Notices And Says "We'll They Are A Genetically Invasive Species." Then, Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong) Shows Up. And Talks To The Gang About When He Joined Biosyn. Then He Leaves To Capture The Dinosaurs For Dodgson And LWP. In Egypt, Biosyn Workers Guard The Cages Dinosaurs Are Contained In. Blue Misses Owen And Her Freedom In The Mainland. She Suddenly Stumbles Upon The Same Aggressive Spinosaurus In The Cage Next To Her. One Of The Biosyn Guards Calls The Spinosaurus, "Aggressor." Then, Blue Stumbles Upon Rexy, Who Also Misses Freedom. They Are Not Prepared To Be "Living Weapons." 

Back In Russia, As The Sun Begins To Pop Out Of The Coulds While Setting, Owen And Garfield Find The Game Trail To Suddenly Stumble Upon What Extinction Now Was Doing. 50 Dinosaurs Dead, More Mourn The Loss Of Their Loved Ones. Owen Starts To Cry, Saying That "Blue Could Be Next." But Garfield Calms Him, Saying That "Blue Won't Suffer Their Plan." Meanwhile In The Camp, Night Falls, Some T-Rexes Stalk The Camp. (Inspired by The lost world Jurassic park) Nearby, Franklin Webb, (Justice Smith) Zia Rodriguez, (Daniella Pineda) Barry Sambene, (Omar Sy) Rick, And Lisa Markinson, (Dewanda Wise) Garfield's Sister, Arrive At The Camp. It Begins To Rain And The T-Rexes Attack The Camp. The Military Opens Fire On The Dinosaurs. One Rex Notices Some Trucks With The Biosyn Logo On It Containing Cages With Dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs Are Let
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Free By Owen And Garfield. However, The Military And The Biosyn Mercenaries Track The Dinosaurs. The Army And Biosyn Mercenaries Found Them, But With A Price, A Pack Of Dilophosaurus (The Same Ones From Nublar) Attack Them, Causing Biosyn And Extinction Now To Abandon Their Mission In Russia, They Will Head For Japan Next. 

Back In Egypt, Cameron Brody (Diego Tinoco) Observes The Captured Dinosaurs, Felling Bad About Them, Even Though They Are A Genetically Invasive Species. In Japan, The Governer, Akira Tezuka, (Tzi Ma) Is Trying To Find A Way To Have Peace With The Dinosaurs. He Says To The Japanese Government In His Native Language That "The Dinosaurs Have Been Causing Trouble, Maybe That Dinosaur Protection Group Might Help Us. Stop Biosyn And Extinction Now! From Messing With Our Dinosaurs, And Could Help Us Have Peace With Them." Meanwhile, The Plane Arrives In Tokyo, Where Claire Notices That Pteranodons Have Made A Nest In Tokyo Tower. In The Streets Of The City, Japanese Military Vehicles Like Tanks, Jeeps, And Trucks Drive Across To Take Down Dinosaurs. Some Compsognathus Get Spooked And Head Inside Houses And Other Buildings. meanwhile, Biologist Morgan Davis (Mark Duplass) Observes A Herd Of Woolly Mammoths Near Mount Fuji. Back In The City, Owen And Claire Discuss The Next Plans, Then When The Deed Is Done, Head For Egypt. Morgan Drives Across The Road, Only For His Car To Stumble Upon A Stampede Of Dinosaurs And Mammoths, Causing Cars To Crash. They Are Seemingly Heading To Tokyo! Military Helicopters And Police Officers Try To Attack The War-Ready Dinosaurs, But A Half Of The Police Forces Are Dead.  

Back In Tokyo, Garfield Observes The Area But Then He's Shocked At Something And Says "Holy..." (Inspired By Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom) Dinosaurs Are Rampaging In Tokyo, Just
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like Godzilla! A Flock Of Quetzalcoatlus Try To Snatch The Gang But A Very Large Male T-rex Bites One Of Them. Then, The T-rex Sees The Protagonists, Grant Yells For Everyone To "Run!" And Get In The Plane. The Plane Takes Off To Find The Tokyo Airport. The Dinosaur Chases After It. But Then It Finds Some Military Jeeps And Attacks Them. (Inspired By Ready Player One) At The Same Time, Biosyn Mercenaries Battle The Japanese Soilders. "This Is Hell On Earth..." Ellie Sattler Says. The Plane Arrives At The Airport Witch Is Also Infested With Dinosaurs. They Get Inside The Airport Building, But They Know Dinosaurs Are In It. Suddenly, Glowing Eyes Pop Up, Since The Airport Is Now Abandoned. This Is A Nest Of Troodon. The Troodons Stalk The Protagonists For 10 Minutes. (Inspired By Jurassic Park) but then, The Military Arrives With Akira. And They Ward The Dinosaurs Off. Akira Says That "We Warded Off Your Rivals For You. But The Dinosaurs Have Called Tokyo Their Home Now, And An Evacuation Has Been Ordered. But Thanks To Our And Your Help, We Won't See Dinosaurs Running Amok Like Godzilla Anymore." The Protagonists Say Goodbye To Akira And The Japanese Military, And Thank Them. But The Mission Is Not Over Yet, The Final Battle Will Occur.... In Egypt. 

In Egypt, Dodgson And Dr Wu Talk About The Living Weapons Project. Wu Shows Him The Shaving Cream Can Stolen By Nedry In 1993, And Now It Has Reclaimed After 28 Years. He's Says That This Can Could Be Used To Make More Hybrids. Dodgson Does Not Believe Him And Says "It's A Useless Can." But Wu Opens The Can, Reveling Dinosaur Embryos. Dodgson Says "Oh." Back In Japan, As The Plane Flies Across The Now Abandoned Tokyo, A Giganotosaurus Feeds On The Corpses Of Humans That Did Not Make It. Rick Is Disgusted By The Dinosaur And It's Eating Habits. For A Couple Days, The Plane Lands To Get Gas. Then It Takes Off Again. They Finally Arrive In Egypt. But Biosyn Armed Forces Gaurd The Entrance To The Facility. Owen And Garfield Fight The Guards And Free The Dinosaurs. Including Blue. Rexy Fights The Aggressor And Wins. Some Other Raptors Attack Military Jeeps, Resulting In A Great War. Rexy Smashes The Shaving Cream Can From Nublar. And Claire Fights With Dodgson And Malcolm. But Then, The Dinosaurs Get More Stronger Than Ever, And Win. The Forces Retreat, And Abandon Their Plans, For Good. The Protagonists Then Talk About The Future Of Dinosaurs And Man Coexisting. Owen Interacts With Blue For One Last Time For Now, And The Dinosaurs Leave The Facility. The Protagonists Get On The Plane And Leave Egypt And Go Home. T The Plane Flies Across The Ocean, Where The Mosasaurus And Some Plesiosaurus Thrive. The Plane Flies To The Setting Sun. (Inspired By Jurassic park) In Final Scene, Rexy And Blue Have A Family And Are Living A Happy Life.


• John Boyega As Garfield Markinson, A U.S. Soilder Who Joins The Dinosaur Protection Group

• Chris Pratt As Owen Grady, A Velociraptor Trainer 

• Sam Neil As Dr. Alan Grant, A Dinosaur Expert

• Laura Dern As Dr. Ellie Sattler, A Prehistoric Plant Expert

• Bryce Dallas Howard As Claire Dearing, Founder Of The Dinosaur Protection Group And Is Owen's Girlfriend

• Jeff Goldblum As Ian Malcolm, A Expert On Chaos Theory And The Founder Of Extinction Now! 

• Isabella Sermon As Maisie Lockwood, A Human Clone And The Adapted Daughter Of Owen And Claire

• Mamodou Athie As Davis, Garfield's Friend, And A Dinosaur Hunter

• BD Wong As Dr. Henry Wu

• Cameron Thor As Lewis Dodgson, The Founder Of Biosyn And The Main Villain

• Julianne Moore As Sarah Harding

• Stephen Lang As Rick, Alan Grant's Close Friend And A Former U.S. Soilder

• Justice Smith As Franklin Webb

• Daniella Pineda As Zia Rodriguez, A Paleo Veterinarian

• Dewanda Wise As Lisa Markinson, Garfield's Sister

• Omar Sy As Barry Sambene, Owen's Friend

• Diego Tinoco As Cameron Brody, A Man Who Joins The DPG's Mission In The Middle Part Of The Film

• Mark Duplass As Morgan Davis, A Biologist Who Helps The DPG

• Tzi Ma As Akira Tezuka, A Japanese Governer Who Helps The DPG Prevent Extinction Now And Biosyn From Messing With The Country's Dinosaurs


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