Jurassic Park 6 Is An American Science Fiction/Thriller Film Directed By Colin Trevorow. The Sixth Installment Of The Franchise, The Film Is About The Aftermath Of The Dinosaur Outbreak In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, (2018) And Mankind Must Try To Survive The Now-Jurassic Age As The Dinosaurs Cause Havoc, But Owen And His Family Must Be Learnt By Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, And Ian Malcolm That The World Has Changed. 



With All Of The Dinosaurs On The Mainland, Humans Have To Survive Or Die. Claire And Owen Under The Care Of Maisie Lockwood Have No Other Choice To Accept The Faith Of All Dinosaurs Across The Globe. But 3 People Who Have Been In Isla Nublar And Isla Sorna Before must Show Claire And Owen That Life Has Found It's Way To The Place Where Dinosaurs Can Breed, Live, And Evolve. But Little Do They know That That Another Prehistoric Animal Is On The Way, And A Anti-Dinosaur Conspiracy Group Threatens To Wipe Out The Creatures, Including Blue, From The Face Of The Earth, For Good.



• Chris Pratt As Owen Grady

• Bryce Dallas Howard As Claire Dearing

• Isabella Sermon As Maisie Lockwood

• Sam Neil As Alan Grant

• Laura Dern As Ellie Sattler

• Jeff Goldblum As Ian Malcolm

• BD Wong As Dr. Henry Wu

• Justice Smith As Franklin Webb

• Daniella Pineda As Zia Rodriguez

• Millie Bobby Brown As Amanda Lockwood, Maisie's Sister

• Mamodou Athie As Zane Maxin, A Dinosaur Hunter

• Dewanda Wise As Julianne, A DPG Paleoveterinarian

• Jean Reno As Dave, A French Biologist

• Igor Jijikine As Adam, A Russian Dinosaur Hunter

• Kelly Marie Tran As Keeri Wu, Sister Of Henry Wu

• Adewale Akinnuye-agbaje As Juba, A African Hunter Who Worked With Robert Mouldon In Isla Nublar And Beyond

• Mark Duplass As John, A Dinosaur Hunter Who Wants To Kill All Dinosaurs

• John Goodman As Pete Dodgson, The Founder Of Extinction Now! And The Brother Of Lewis Dodgson

• James Earl Jones As Mark

• Ty Olsson As Bill

• Jon Eyez As Rick

• Nazneen Contractor As Linda

• Gina Carano As Vera Moore, A Marine Biologist Who Forms A Bond With The Mosasaurus

• Ariana Richards As Lex Murphy

• Joseph Mazzello As Tim Murphy

• Julianne Moore As Sarah Harding

• Vince Vaughn As Nick Van Owen

• Vanessa Lee Chester As Kelly

• Cameron Thor As Lewis Dodgson

• Omar Sy As Barry Sambene

Dinosaurs And Other Prehistoric Creatures

• Tyrannosaurus Rex

• Velociraptor

• Mosasaurus

• Triceratops

• Apatosaurus

• Brachiosaurus 

• Stegosaurus

• Gallimimus

• Carnotaurus 

• Allosaurus

• Sinoceratops

• Stygimoloch

• Pachycephalosaurus

• Parasaurolophus

• Baryonyx

• Pteranodon

• Dimorphodon

• Dilophosaurus

• Nasutoceratops

• Memenchisaurus

• Spinosaurus

• Compsognathus

• Plesiosaurus

• Megalodon

• Giganotosaurus

• Agjuaceratops

• Camptosaurus

• Ornitholestes

• Albertosaurus

• Lioplurodon

• Herrerasaurus

• Homalocephale

• Quetzalcoatlus

• Smilodon

• Woolly Mammoth

• Dimetrodon

• Concavenator

• Coelophysis

• Tylosaurus

• Troodon

• Utahraptor

• Dakotaraptor


The Film Was Announced In February 2018, And As Soon As Production Wrapped Up, A Teaser Poster Was Unveiled At the San Diego Comic-Con In July 2020. I'm November, A Image Of The Film Was Released, Sparking A Positive Reaction. In December, A Few Leaked Teasers And A Full First Trailer Was Released, Sparking A Overwhelmingly Positive Reaction. 

Promotions Began In February. The First In Witch Is Viral Marketing In Twitter, And A Few Lego Sets Based On The Film, A Second Trailer Was Released In The Super Bowl. More Merchandise Was Released In March. Universal Worked With McDonald's To Create A Happy Meal Featuring Toys Based On The Dinosaurs In The Sequel. Playmates Manufactured A Line Of Toys And Action Figures Based On The Jurassic Park Sequel, Including The 11-Inch "Bite & Strike Tyrannosaurus" And The 20-Inch "Rexy Mega-Figure". General Mills Created The Jurassic Park Crunch Cereal, This Time, In The Style Of The New Film. Other Promotions Included Kodak, Funko, Carl's Jr, Jeep, PEZ, Kellogg's, Post, Doritos, Taco Bell, Nestlé, Hershey's, M&Ms, And Starburst.

The First TV Spots Where Released On TV And Online In April 1, 2021. Just After That, The Final Trailer Was Released Online. More Promotion Came, Build A Bear Workshop Had Dinosaur Plush Toys. KFC Manufactured A Kids Meal With Figures Based On Blue, Owen, Alan, The T-rex, Mosasaurus, And Triceratops. Edy's Ice Cream Created The "Jurassic Vanilla" Ice Cream With Chocolate Chips Shaped Like Dinosaurs. 


Harry-Gregson Williams Conducted The Film Instead Of Michael Giacchino, Who Was Busy Working On The Batman. (2021) The Soundtrack Has Many Elements Of Jurassic Park 3, (2001) Rampage, (2018) And Harry's Own Composed Film, The Meg. (2018) 


• A Dinosaur Eye Can Be Seen In The Hole In The Six. In The Trailers And TV Spots, The Eye Is Unseen. 

• This Is The First Time Since The First Jurassic Park That The Dilophosaurus Appears

• This Is My Fourth Attempt At JP6 (JW3) Speculation

• In Some Parts Of The Film, Their Are Elements Of Monsterverse Films Such As Godzilla, (2014) And It's Sequel (2019)

• The Tagline Is A Reference To Godzilla. (2014)

• The Final Trailer Music Is From The Trailer Music From Pacific Rim: Uprising, (2018) But Mixed With The Jurassic Park Theme. 

• The Ending Is Similar To War For The Planet Of The Apes. (2017)

• Crushed Cars Where Dotted Around New York City To Promote The Film.

Tagline And Quotes


"Now I Have Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds..." 


"We Always Never Had Control." - Ian Malcolm

"What A Clever Girl..." - Alan Grant

"Hey Blue, Did Ya Miss Me?" - Owen Grady

"Run! Run! Definitely Run!!!" - Claire Dearing


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