Julie Paine is a Character from the Scream series. She appeared in The Scream. She is portrayed by Jolie Vanier.


The Scream

The whole class is talking. Noa Knight is talking with David Parker, Emma Graham, and Jason King. Also, Isabelle Fletcher and Julie Paine are talking. Madison Campbell and Emily Baker are also talking. On that time Mr. Chapman comes inside. The class is silent again. He walks inside with a new girl. "This is our new classmate", he says, "Sarah Adams". David is laughing "What a stupid girl," he says it to Emma, Jason, and Noa. Emma and Jason are laughing. Sam sees it but doesn't do anything. Sarah goes sitting inside the class. "Tell something about yourself, Sarah," Mr. Chapman says. She does it. During it David, Emma and Jason are laughing again

In the break, Bruce is talking with Isabelle and Julie.

Julie wants to talk with Isabelle, but Bruce is now more with her.

The next night it is Halloween, Julie and Isabelle are together. They are watching a movie with hot boys. After the movie, Julie walks out of the house. Outside is Bruce standing. He wanted to see Isabelle. Julie walks outside and Bruce walks inside. Inside, Bruce and Isabelle are talking and later kissing. Outside, Julie walks in the dark alone. Somebody is spying on her. He follows her. She isn't scared and walks into a bad street. She walks into a dark wood road. On the ground she sees blood making a path. She isn't scared and follows it. On the end of the path, lies a death rabbit. She picks up a light to watch over it. Suddenly a tree falls. She wants to escape it but it falls on her leg. Some stranger walks in the wood. She screams for help. The stranger shows himself. He is wearing a mask, he is the killer. Julie wants to escape but the Scream hits her with his knife in her throat. She dies. Bruce and Isabelle are kissing and pull off their clothes. Outside Scream, cuts Julie in pieces.

The same night, Detective Richards is in her house. He also found the pieces of Julie.




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