Joshua Johnson is a character from Spaceship 537. He is portrayed by Dev Patel.


Spaceship 537

Joshua Johnson was one of the students that were chosen to go to an unknown planet where was possibly life on. He chooses the side of Markus Wood and Alexander Burns when the crew members choose sides. During the fight on the Spaceship 537, he fought against John Shaw's allies. When Shaw and the others went into an escape pod, he stayed on the Spaceship 537. When the Spaceship 537 crashed on the planet, Johnson survived the crash. He and the others went to the town Shaw and his allies also visited. In that town, a fight started. Wood, Burns, Johnson and the others lost this fight. They were taken hostage. Only Markus Wood and Caroline Livingstone were left there to die. Shaw brought the hostages to the place where the Spaceship 484 landed. Markus Wood let the hostages free and Johnson survived. Shaw went away with Easton Grace and Victoria Sinclair in a car. There was also a second car with Eric Wright and Miles Cole. Wood, Burns, Johnson and the others followed the cars in a Tyquervehicle. George Smith was in a cannon on it and shot the car down of Wright and Cole. Miles Cole died in the crash of the car. Wright ran away. Johnson and Smith followed them. They followed Smith to an abyss. George almost falls in this abyss, but Joshua saves him. Out of nowhere, Wright comes and he has a big weapon. He shoots on Johnson and Smith. Johnson is hit, he falls wounded on the ground. With his last powers, he jumps to Wright and grabs his weapon and throws it in the abyss. Eric Wright gets a knife and throws it in the stomach of Joshua Johnson and Wright pushes him into the abyss. After Joshua's death, Smith took revenge for his friend and killed Eric Wright.




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