Johnathan Crane is the head of Arkham Asylum alongside Hugo Strange. He is a character in Joker II- Arkham Knight and he is portrayed by Adrien Brody.


Crane has slicked back black hair and usually wears a white button down shirt, a black waistcoat, and a faded purple frock coat.


Johnathan Crane, Jeremiah Arkham, and Hugo Strange reopened Arkham Asylum after it was closed. The building's east wall had been severely vandalized and had begun to crumble to nature. A new wall was slated to be constructed. Crane and Strange ganged up on Jeremiah and murdered him by trapping him inside the new wall's cement foundation.

Crane mainly ran the Asylum and his right-hand man was warden Quincy Sharp. After the Arkham Knight attempted to kill Joker and Jim Gordon shot up the Asylum, Crane enlisted Sharp to put the Asylum on lock-down. Eventually, Crane began losing his mind and he went rouge and became Scarecrow.



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