John Falsworth was the brother of James Montgomery Falsworth- Union Jack. John was a Sokovian ambassador for the Ottoman Empire. He is a minor antagonist in The Invaders.


John had short brown-red hair and a thick stubble. He wore Sokovian officer clothes with Ottoman patches to signify the link between them.


John defected from Britain and became a Sokovian citizen in 1915. He became an ambassador for the Ottoman Empire, under the code name Baron Blood, and served as a Sokovian official to supervise weapon deliveries from Europe. When the Blitzkrieg arrived in Egypt to deliver a mass supply of weaponry and supplies to Ottoman troops, John was present to accept the transaction with Heinrich Zemo. When the Invaders attacked the fortified town, John was protected by his bodyguards until one of them was killed by the Human Torch. He shot and killed Rene Duquesne and then called in for the nearby Ottoman armored train for reinforcements. He followed Heinrich Zemo onto the zeppelin and was killed by his brother James when James stabbed him with a knife.  

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