James Richards is a Character from the Scream series. He appeared in The Scream. He is portrayed by David Harbour.


After Jacob Chapman's death, James Richards was sent to find out who the killer is.

The next day on school, Detective Richards ask children about the murderer on school. His team is making a result.

Detective Richards is in Isabelle's house. He also found the pieces of Julie. He ask them some questions. Later his team searches around to find Scream.

Later, Detective Richards is with Bruce and Isabelle. He is done with his research. We have find out who the killer is. We have a data match. The killer is Jayden Parkinson. What?? Bruce says?? He is my friend. We know it for sure. We will go to his house now. They leave. Bruce is very confused. Isabelle says that he might be right, because he wasn't on the Halloween Party. Bruce agrees with Isabelle.

Later detective Richards comes on school. He tells everybody that he found a body of a Scream. Somebody probably killed him he says. So the killer is death. So you guys don't have any worries anymore. Sam and William thinks it is weird, and there must be another killer.

Detective Richards is at his office alone. He is called. Hello James!! a strange voice says. Who is this he says. You can call me Bill. Ok Bill what is wrong. I have found a body. I will give you my addres. It is Beach Avenue 25. He goes to it. When he is at the house, he finds a body. It is the body if Julie. He wals further in the house. Bill?? He scream. Somebody is watching at him. Detective Richards notice he is walking in oil. The scream makes a lucifer and throws it on the ground in the oil. The fire goes to Detectice Richards. He is on the fire. The Scream fastly runs out of the house. The fire goes further into a bomb. The house explodes and detective Richards dies.




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