James Bond (007) is the secret agent in his own franchise. He appears in Blofeld's ReturnBlood From Above and Firesoul. James Bond is portrayed by Daniel Craig and Richard Madden.

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Blofeld's ReturnEdit

Bond is in Stockholm to find Blofeld. He looks in a boat, but suddenly Mr. Hinx is there. Bond fights with him before Mr. Hinx goes in a boat. Bond destroys the boat of Mr. Hinx and in the explosion, he dies.

Back in London, Bond is talking with Moneypenny before going to M. M tells Bond about a meeting with 2 other secret agents and that Q has some gadgets for Bond. Q gives him a new Aston Martin and a Walther PPK. Bond must work together with Mark Bailly (008) and Natalie Green (005). But first, he goes to the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, James Bond is driving in his Aston Martin before getting attacked by Mr. Wakar. He crashes into a tree but survives.

In London again, Bond hears that Green and Bailly hadn't better luck. Only Green found a location of a base of Blofeld. Bond, Green, and Bailly leave and go to the base. This is a trap because the 3 secret agents are defeated. And brought to a hot jungle of Brazil.

Bond wakes up, find Green in another house and Bailly on a rope to a tree. Mr. Wakar kills Bailly. But Bond and Green don't give up. After a romantic night, they find a Blofeld and Mr. Wakar. Blofeld escapes and Bond starts an attack on Mr. Wakar and his man. He and Green kill them all. Bond finds a sword and fights against Mr. Wakar. In this fight, Bond stabs Mr. Wakar in his belly, killing him.

Blofeld starts an attack on London. He sends lots of planes to destroy the city. However, Bond and Green with MI6 and the British army fights against it. They shoot all the planes out of the sky. At the end, Bond and Green go on the plane of Blofeld. They kill all his men and put bombs on the plane. Later Bond almost kills Blofeld and he and Green leave in their own plane. Blofeld's plane explodes.

At the end, M congratulates Bond and Green. After this, Bond and Green fly away in their plane going on their well deserved holiday. The plane is on automatic pilot and Bond and Green are having sex.

Blood From Above Edit

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Firesoul Edit

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