Ivo Shelton is a Character in the Scream series. He Appeared in The Scream: Revenge of the Screams. He is portrayed by Chace Crawford.


The Scream: Revenge of the Screams

Ivo Shelton is a maths teacher on the school of Sam. He goes to the absent list at the first lesson. Two pupils are absent.

Some days later, He is drinking coffee with Peter McLean, another teacher on the school. Ivo later goes to the toilet. He hears something in a casing. He opens the casing. There is nothing in there. He hears another sound in a classroom. He goes in there. He doesn't find anything. He closes the door. He doesn't see anything. 1 minute later he sees him. He pushes him with the chair to the window. He falls out of the window on the ground. He dies.




  • Scream † - Killer
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