Isaiah Bradley is the protagonist of Stars and Stripes. He is portrayed by Isaiah Mustafa.


Isaiah is African-American and has short black hair and brown eyes.


In 1969, the US government deemed it necessary to reopen Abraham Erskine's super-soldier program that brought forth Captain America during World War Two. The serum was experimental and the government forced hundreds of African-Americans to be test subjects. Isaiah Bradley was among them. Isaiah was fresh recruit for the army and was forced by the racist government to have himself injected with various experimental serums resulting in mental disruptions and enhanced strength, agility, and endurance. All the other test subjects went insane and were killed off by the military. Isaiah was the only survivor. When the Cold War erupted into an armed engagement fought on both American and Russian soil, Isaiah banded together the team known as "Stars and Stripes" and led them into action. This team consisted of Green Beret Dennis Dunphy, CIA operative William Naslund, and Isiah himself.


Stars and Stripes confirms that in the MCU, the Cold War erupted into an actual armed war between the Soviet Union and the United States of America, although nuclear assaults were never a factor, although if it wasn't for Isiah Bradley and his allies, nuclear engagement would have occurred and there would have been a possibility of it sparking World War Three.  

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