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GIron Man 5 is a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the first movie of Phase Six and it will release in July 2024. It is a sequel to Iron Man 4. Robert Downey Jr. will again reprise his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Also Christine Everhart will appear after being absent in Iron Man 3 and Iron Man 4. The main villains are Justin Hammer, Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K.


After Galactus is defeated, and Iron Man and War Machine have taken a short holiday, go back to New York, which is taken over by Justin Hammer. He is back and he is more dangerous than ever be. When Tony returns nobody remembers him. How did this happen? Is Justin Hammer responsible for this? M.O.D.O.K. is also back, he now works together with Crimson Dynamo, which is alive for an unknown reason. Iron Man has to stop all this enemies by his own.


The movie will start with a flashback. Anton Vanko is alive and well. He never died in Iron Man 2.

Later he sees that his son, Ivan Vanko is killed by Iron Man. Anton wants revenge and creates his own Iron Man suit, Crimson Dynamo. He starts working for the Soviet Government and takes his job. He has to sabotage Stark Industries and defeats Iron Man. He goes to the United States.

Justin Hammer is sitting in his office. He watches some footage of the fight against later sees the dead of Carl Creel. He is very angry and also wants revenge. "What the hell has he done!" Justin shouts. "Revenge, I need to take revenge!" Justing says. Later he walks to another room where other people are creating a new suit for him."

Tony is later with Happy Hogan in New York City. A lot of Journalists wants to interview Tony. Happy acts as a bodyguard. Tony comes out of his car and walks inside a building. Rhodey is inside waiting for him. "There are a lot journalists waiting for you Tony" Rhodey says. "I will keep it short" Tony says and he walks inside the room. He goes standing before them and says: "Welcome everybody, after all my long work I have decided to take break." The Journalists start shouting. "No further comments" Tony says and walks back to the room where Rhodey is standing. "What?" Rhodey says. Tony ignores him and goes back in his car.

Justin Hammer is watching it, laughs and says: "Good! That means I can be the new Iron Man and take his place. I will be the millionair and the idol for everybod." After that, He laughs like a psychopath.

The logo of Iron Man 5 follows.

2 weeks later, Tony is on holiday with Carol in Italy. "You sure we can stay away for this time?" Carol says. "New York has a lot other heroes, Spider-Man for example. He can stop them in the time I am away" Tony says. "But wasn't your last holiday a bit a mistake?" Carol says. "What? How do you know that?" Tony says. "Fury told it to me before his death" Carol says. "You had always contact with him?" Tony says. "Yes I knew everybody of you before we met" Carol says. Tony can't believe it.

In New York, Justin Hammer is interviewed by Christine Everhart. A camera man is filimg itt. A lot of crowd watches it. "How is to be back in New York?" Christine says. "Good" Justin says. "You have been in prison, if I am right?" Christine says. "Yes I was for five years, but I am back now and everybody is going wel with me" Justin says. "But isn't it coincedence you are here back in the city while Tony Stark is gone?" Christine says. "No it isn't, but this gives me a chance to take over his job for a small time." Justin says. Chrisine is surprised by his answer but hears further what he has to say. "Iron Man is probably with pension, I could easily take over his job and protect New York" Justin says. Outside a lot of people watch tv and hear it. They are glad with the news there is still anybody to protect them.

Black Panther and Vision are standing in the Avengers facitlity and see it happen. "Tony probably doesn't want this" Vision says. "What will we do?" T"'Challa says. "We must call Tony fast" Vision says. "Yes true, Tony has to come back otherwise this wil totally go wrong" Black Panther says. "I will call him" Vision says.

Iron Man is lying with Carol on a beach. Happy and Rhodey are also with them. Happy has also finally holiday and hasn't have to do anything. Rhodey tries to ask something but he ignores him. "We deserved this after we defeated all those stupid enemies" Carol says. "Yeah true" Tony says. 10 seconds later his phone goes off.He is called by Vision. "You have to come back" Is the first thing Vision says. "Why? Give me please a small holiday." Tony says.

Justin Hammer sees everything now. He sees Tony is called by someone. "Can I hear that call? Justin says to his henchmen Jack. "Justin Hammer wants to take over New York. You have to come back and stop him" Vision says. Justin Hammer hears it and immediately sends some agents to Vision and Black Panther. "Okay" Tony says. "Justin Hammer is back in New York" Tony says to Rhodey, Carol and Happy. "And what is he planning to do?" Rhodey says. "Taking over the city" Tony says. "We can't let that happen" Happy says. "Who is that Tony?" Carol says. "Some idiot which always tries to be better than me" Tony says. "You sure we must go back to New York?" Carol says. "Yes we must stop him, after that we can go back on holiday" Tony says.

Later Tony and the others come back. He wants to make clear he is back. But nobody remembers Tony Stark. He tries to call Carol, but he can't get her. Also Happy and Rhodey are not available. Tony goes to his office, but nobody is there. Tony also tries to call Vision, but he also doesn't answer.

He later goes to the Avengers Facility to see if any of the Avengers are there. When Tony arrives, he sees Black Panther and Vision talking. They are surprised to see Tony. "Hey T"Challa and Vision" Tony says. "Wait? who are you?" Vision says. "What? Don't you know me?" Tony asks. "No we have never seen you" Black Panther says. On that moment a flying suit which looks like one of Tony's own suits flies and lands on the ground. The suit opens and Justin Hammer is inside it. "Hey, Can we help you?" Hammer asks to Tony. "Wait, he is an Avenger now?" Tony asks. "Yes, he is the founder of our team" Vision says. "He is our leader" Black Panther says. "Wait, that can't be possible, he took over my life" Tony says. "What?? You want to be me" Hammer says. "Wait, now I remember you, you were that rival of my corporation" Hammer says: "You was always worse than me. Take him away, I don't want him in our facility." Hammer says. Then two of Iron Man suits appear and take Tony away. "Wait I know him from something" Black Panther says. "Yes he is one of my enemies, next time you see him, you have to kill him" Hammer says.

Later Tony drives o his house just outside New york. His Key isn't working on the door. "What the hell is this?" Tony says. He knocks on the door to see if anybody is inside. An unknown guy opens the door. "Can I help you?" the guy says. "What are you doing in my house?" Tony asks. "What? Why do you think this is your house?" the guy says. "Who the hell are you?" Tony asks. "I am Leonardo" he says. "What is going on there?" A woman voice says. Tony remembers the voice very well. Carol walks to the door. "Carol?" Tony says. "Wait, how do you know my name?" Carol says. "Who is this guy?" Carol asks. "He is nobody, honey" Leonardo says. "What honey? How dare you to call her honey!" Tony says really angry. "Go away, you ashole" Leonardo says and he closes the door. Tony is really angry now. "You can steal my job, but you can't steal my wife. He walks back to his car to try to call the police. Inside his car, he is called by someone else. He opens the call. "Where are you? Why aren't you home?" a voice of a women says. "What?" Tony says. Tony now knows what to do. "Can you give me a ride, my car is stolen" Tony lies. "I am in Central Park" Tony says. "No problem honey. I will come to pick you up." The women voice says and she closes the call. "Honey?" Tony says and thinks about it. He remembers the voice, but he has no idea who she is. He drives as fast as possible to Central Park to wait there for her. Later he is there and a cars stops before him. A women is walking out of the car. Tony remembers her. She is Christine Everhart. She embraces him and kisses him. Tony is shocked about it but don't want her to know it. "Ok lets go home, I am glad, I thought something happened to you" Christine says. "I am fine, I had to work longer" Tony says. "And when I was finally done, I saw that my car was gone." "Wow this is really a bad luck day for you" Christine says. Some minutes she stops before a house. It is a pretty big house. Christine picks her keys and opens the door. When they walk in the door, dinner is ready. Christine takes her place. They start eating. They don't have much to talk about. "Why are you acting strange today Tony" Christine asks. "I don't know, I have a bad day." Tony says. Later in the night, they go to bed. In the bed, Christine starts kissing Tony. Tony doesn't want it. "Normally you likes it, when I kiss you" Christine says. "Not tonight I am sorry, Please let me sleep" Tony says.. He can't really sleep but he is happy he has a place to sleep. Later they both fall a leep.

The next day Christine goes to her work. When Tony awakes he is alone in the house. He sees a lot of pictures of him and Christine. "This can't be true" Tony says and he starts thinking. "There could only be one thing, he has changed the time" Tony says. "I need to find him" Tony says and he walks outside and walks to his car he parked in Central Park.

In the Avengers Facility, Black Panther and Vision are still discussing about Tony. Vision remembers something. He remembers he is created by Ultron, and Ultron was created by somebody that looked the same as Tony Stark. Black Panther also remembers him. On the same moment, Black Widow is walking into the room. Justin Hammer follows them. Black Panther and Vision know there is something wrong. On the same moment they get a notification, M.O.D.O.K escaped out of prison. "What are you doing Vision and T"Challa?" Hammer says "You should go and kill that idiot" Justin Hammer says. Black Panther and Vision immediately do what he says and go away. Rhodey is also inside the facility. "Shall I help them?" Rhodey says. "Of course, Go with them!" Justin Hammer says. Justin Hammer and Black Widow are alone in the room and they start kissing. Justin Hammer wants to pull of her clothers, but she doesn't want it.

On the walk to his car, Tony also hears about M.O.D.O.K. "First I need to defeat Hammer" Tony says and he knows where to find him. He goes again to the Avengers Facility.

He sees Hammer and Black Widow in the room. "What? He even stole Natasha from Banner?" Tony says. "I need to stop him" Tony says and he goes inside the room. His suits are all replaced by Hammer suits. On that moment an alarm goes on. Justin and Black Widow see Tony now. "Kill that Idiot" Hammer says to Black Widow. Black Widow goes to Tony. "Wait who are you excactly?" Natasha asks. "I am Tony Stark, really, does nobody remember me?" Tony asks. "Actually I don't care" Natasha says and he attacks him. He wants to go to Hammer, but he is already gone. Also his suit doesn't appear. Without it, he isn't that strong and Black Widow defeats him easily. "Stay on the ground" Natasha says. "Okay fair enough" Tony says and he is defeated by her.

Vision and Black Panther arrive at M.O.D.O.K.'s prison. War Machine is also there but later he goes away. When they are there, M.O.D.O.K. killed some other prisoners and guards. "Stop M.O.D.O.K., you have already killed enough people" Black Panther says. "Is this a joke?" M.O.D.O.K. says. "No we will defeat you again" Vision says. "What?" M.O.D.O.K says. Vision and Black Panther start figthing against M.O.D.O.K. "Ah fine, I will take my revenge for putting me in this stupid prison" M.O.D.O.K. says. M.O.D.O.K. uses his mind trick again, but he reminds that it is gone. Vision uses his laser and M.O.D.O.K. is defeated. "I don't understand, first you let me escape, and now you want to defeat me?" M.O.D.O.K. says while he is defeated. "Escape? We never let you escape" Black Panther says. "Oh he didn't told you that?" M.O.D.O.K. says. "Who is he?" Black Panther says. "Justin Hammer, he let me escape" M.O.D.O.K. says. Vision and Black Panther are really surpised by it.

In the Avengers Facility Justin Hammer and Black Widow lock up Tony Stark in a chair, his arms are tied up in the chair. Justin Hammer is very glad that he finally has Tony Stark, so he decided to drink wine. After he drunk the wine he goes to stark and says: "So Stark, what did I say if you return?" "You will kill me, but you will never succeed that" Tony says. "Oh, really? I have you here, stuck on a chair, and you still think you will survive it?" Justin Hammer. "Stop you both please, can I say something Justin?" Black Widow says. "Of course you can" Justin Hammer says. "Why excactly do you want to kill him? What did he do wrong? I don't remember we ever fought him or you mentioned him" Black Widow says. "Don't you see it, he wanted to steal my suits and sell them on the black market." Justin Hammer says. "How do you know that? Did he say that to you?" Black Widow says. "Really? I didn't expect you to be so stupid, that's Tony Stark, he is a big criminal!." Justin Hammer says. "You liar!" Black Widow says. Justin Hammer wants to attack her for saying that, but on that moment, he can't. He can't long stand on his legs anymore. He is shocked about it. "I did some poison in your wine, liar." Black Widow says. After that Justin Hammer falls unconscious. "I don't you very well, but I know you are not a criminal" Black Widow says and she releases Tony Stark. "Thank you Natasha" Tony says. "No problem, I already knew it from the beginning, remember I am a spy" Black Widow says. "But wait, you kissed with him? So Bruce should be really angry!" Tony says. "Bruce, what about Bruce? he is retired after we fought against Ultron" Natasha says. "Wait, never mind you should go, the poison doesn't held long" Natash says. "First I have to take something what belongs to me" Tony says. Tony walks to the basement to a secret door, There are 3 Stark Armors. "Of course he didn't found these" Tony says and he puts on one. "What? So you are really stealing Hammer suits?" Black Widow says. "These are not Hammer suits, these are Stark........." Tony says and he can't finish his sentence. On that moment Black Widow is electrocuted. "Sorry Natasha, you are better in bed than as my helper" Justin Hammer says. "So, you are stealing back your suits, good, but nobody remembers you, Hahahahaha" Justin says. "That doesn't care, they all know you, and what will happen if they find out that their favorite Iron Man is really one of the biggest bad guys?" Tony says. "They will never find out" Justin Hammer says and he puts on his suit and starts attacking Tony. They start a fight. Justin Hammer hits Tony and pushes him through the wall. "See you Stark?, my suit is a lot more powerful than yours" Justin Hammer says. "Lets find out" Tony says. Tony fires some of his rockets on Hammer. The Rockets explode on his suit and Hammer is pushed away. He flies 500 meters away in a building. All the people in the building scream: "Iron Man!!!" and they all run away. Tony is flying towards the building. He tries to save a lot of people. They are confused, they have never seen two Iron Man's. Tony fires later another big rocket. Hammer wants to escape but isn't that fast and is hit by the rocket, Hammer's suit isn't that good and explodes. He chrashes somewhere close. Tony flies towards Justin Hammer and aims a gun at Hammer's head. "You lost Hammer, again" Tony says. "No you lost" Hammer says. 1 second later Tony is hit by a big weapon and he falls defeated. It is War Machine, he is back. "Thank you James" Hammer says. "And he thought he could defeat us that easily" War Machine says.

In the prison, Vision says: "We don't believe you M.O.D.O.K., and why would we? "Because I speak the truth, but you idiots of course don't believe me, lets ask him it self." M.O.D.O.K. says. "No Problem, we already want you to take to the Avengers Facility." T''Challa says.

Later Black Widow and Tony are put in the same cell. Tony is still unconscious. War Machine is guarding the cell. "Rhodey how could you?" Tony says while he is awake again. "Rhodey?, why the hell do you use that name?" War Machine says. "Because you are my best friend, but maybe was" Tony says. "It doesn't matter" War Machine says while he walks away. "Any Ideas Natasha?, maybe we can call Hulk?" Tony says. "Why are you again talking about Bruce? I had nothing the same as him, only that we were both Avengers" Black Widow says. On the same moment Tony is called. It is Christine Everhart. Tony opens the call. "Tony, Where are you? Why are you again that late?" Christine says. "Sorry I am still drinking a Weekend Drink with a colleague of me?" Tony says. "What colleague?" Christine says. "Natasha, she is new here" Tony says: "I will come home after I am ready" "Ok no problem darling" Christine still a little afraid, says and she closes the call.

In the meantime, Black Panther and Vision are back with M.O.D.O.K. "Good work T"Challa and Vision, I really appreciate it" Hammer says. "Did you let M.O.D.O.K. escape?" Black Panther says. "No? Why would I?" Justin Hammer says. "M.O.D.O.K. said that to us" Vision says. "M.O.D.O.K.? Hahaha, And you believe that idiot?" War Machine says. "Never mind, where is Natasha?" Black Panther says. "She went home, she was tired" Justin Hammer says. One hour later, Black Widow and Tony notice Vision on the hallway" "Vision!" Black Widow screams not very loud. Vision heard it and goes to them. "Natasha? Why are you in a cell?" "Hammer put me in here, he lied to us." Black Widow says. Vision later opens the cell. "What about him?" Vision says and he means Tony. "Let him go too, he is on our side." Black Widow says. "Ok I believe you more than Hammer, I already thought there was something wrong." Vision says. "We have to find T"Challa and go away" Black Widow says. Later they see him, he is alone in his room. They tell him about it and he follows them. They go out of the base, back to New York. Tony goes to Christine's home. You have to wait here, I will try to come back as soon as possible. Tony opens the front door but he doesn't see Christine. "Christine!!" Tony screams. "I am up" Christine. Tony goes up but he is shocked about what he sees. Christine is in underwear. "Where are your clothers?" Tony asks. "I wanted to surprise you" Christine says and she steps in bed. "Come here" Christine says. Tony doesn't want it but he has no choice. Tony steps in the bed, and Christine starts kissing him. "Christine stop" Tony says. "What is wrong?" Christine says. "I have to tell you something, you are not my wife, and I am not your husband." Tony says. "You are drunk" Christine says and she kisses him further, she now wants to pull of his clothes. Tony doesn't want it and steps out of the bed. "Where are you going?" Christine says sad. "Away, I am not your husband, this is so wrong." When Tony walks away, Christine starts crying.

Outside, Vision, Black Widow and Black Panther are still waiting. A moment later Tony comes back. "And What happened? Black Widow says. "She was't wearing a lot clothes and started kissing me, but never mind about that." Tony says. "What?" Black Panther says. "I have a plan, we have to find Bruce Banner" Tony says. "Why do we have to find him?" Natash says. "He knows more about time travelling than me" Tony says. "Time travelling?" Vision says. "Yes that's what Hammer did" Tony says.

Tony and the others go to an hidden base, where a new quinjet is standing. The others are surprised to see the Quinjet, they all thought it was destroyed. Inside they see it has a lot of new functions. "Welcome back master" The voice of F.R.I.D.A.Y. says. "Hey F.R.I.D.A.Y. I am glad there is still someone that knows me" Tony says. "What do you want?" F.R.I.D.A.Y. says. "Bring us to Bruce Banner" Tony says and F.R.I.D.A.Y. activates the ship and they fly away.

1 hour later they are on the location. They enther his house but they don't see Hulk or Bruce Banner. Later they see a bomb is placed. "Bomb" Black Panther screams and they all run out of the house. The house explodes. Outside, Crimson Dynamo is standing. "Finally, I found you" Crimson Dynamo says to Tony Stark. "Wait, who are you?" Tony says. "I will make you remember me" Crimson Dynamo says and he attacks Stark. The others don't know what to do. Tony and Crimson Dynamo fight further. They go to a supermarket. Tony throws all the apples and tomatoes to Crimson Dynamo. Crimson Dynamo can't see anything anymore and opens his armour. Anton Vanko comes out of the armour. "Wow, you also made your own suit" Tony says surprised. "I will take my revenge for you for killing my son" Anton Vanko says and he goes back in his suit and attack Tony again. They fight further and go outside. Crimson Dynamo hits Tony and he flies away into a Mc Donalds. "From all people you know me?" Tony says. Everybody inside is surprised to see them. "Justin Hammer!!" They all scream. "I am not that idiot" Tony says. Crimson Dynamo destroys the wall and goes inside. Everybody is scared now and runs away. Crimson Dynamo picks up Iron Man and flies away. He throws him on the ground and he is defeated. Black Panther, Vision and Black Widow see them and attack Crimson Dynamo, he wants to stop them but he sees he is outnumbered. Vision, Black Widow and Black Panther are later electrocuted. An unknown ally of Crimson Dynamo appears. He shows himself as M.O.D.O.K. Vision and Black Widow are defeated but Black Panther is immune to current and he is surprised to see M.O.D.O.K. M.O.D.O.K. thinks they are defeated but is later attacked by Black Panther. Black Panther is stronger than M.O.D.O.K., but Crimson Dynamo shoots Black Panther and he falls unconscious.

Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K. bring them to a secret base. "Now it is the opposite world" M.O.D.O.K. says laughing: "You are prisoners now, and I am free" "Silence!!" Anton says: "Look what we have, An Alien which I don't know, the king of Wakanda which I also don't know, but these other are more important, The big criminal Tony Stark, which I always wanted to kill and these girl which was also involved in my son's death. but you all deserve to die!!" "Let me kill that alien and Panther" M.O.D.O.K. says. "Ok no problem" Crimson Dynamo says. But Tony has already found a way to escape. He uses the Quinjet and shoots a missile at the house. The missile explodes and they can escape. Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K. are both defeated.

They run outside the building and step in their car. "Shouldn't we have given to the police?" Black Panther says. "The police all work for Justin Hammer" Tony says. "We should stop him before it is too late" Tony says. "Isn't it better to split into two teams?" Natasha says. "Yes I think so" Vision says. "Yes, Nat and Vision will try to find Banner, T"Challa we will go to Hammer and stop him" Tony says. "Vision and Nat, you must find a way to bring this all back to normal" Tony says. "Okay we will" Natasha says. Tony stops the car and they step out. "But where will we find this Banner?" Vision says. "Yes he is already so long gone from the team" Natasha says. "This is the location of the Quinjet in which he went away, good luck" Tony says and he gives it to Natasha and closes the door. Tony and T"Challa drive further in the city to find Hammer. Suddenly beside the street a big screen turns on. Justin Hammer is showen. "Inhabitants of Hammer City" Justin Hammer says. "This can't be good" T"Challa says. Hammer continues: "The criminal Tony Stark has escaped. He has also kidnapped hree Avengers: Black Widow, Vision and the king of Wakanda" Hammer says. "If you see him report him immediatetly and we will stop him forever, Thank you for you collaboration" Hammer says and he dissapears. "What an asshole" T"Challa says. Tony wants to drive further but suddenly his phone goes off.

Christine has also seen it and doesn't know what to do. She tries to call him but it fails. He is already in a call.

"Hello Tony Stark" Hammer says. "You idiot! Thinking you can be the boss of everything?" Tony says. "I am sure there is still something where we can bargain about" Hammer says. "And that is?" Tony says. "Surrender now, or I will kill someone that is very special for you" Hammer says. "I have nobody special anymore" Tony says. "What about your former wife?" Hammer says. "Stay away from her!" Tony says. "So, surrender now, Or I will give her the most painful death possible" Hammer says and he closes the call. "What was that?" Black Panther says. "Hammer, he wants to kill Carol" Tony says. "Who is Carol?" T"Challa says. "You don't know her? She is one of the Avengers" Tony says. "We have never had somebody in our team with the name Carol" T"Challa says. On the same moment Tony is called again. It is Christine. "Tony? I saw you on tv, what is going on?" Christine says. "It is all not true what you saw, Hammer is settin this up" Tony says. "Can you please come back home and then we can talk all this out" Christine says. "Sorry I have no time, bye" Tony says and he closes the call. "And who was that?" T"Challa says. "Christine again." Tony says while he puts the motor on. He drives away. "She was scared, but I told her I have no time to talk" Tony says. "Understandable" T"Challa says.

Natasha and Vison watch on the device Tony gave them. "It says the Quinjet is standing in Namibia." Natasha says. "We should go to there" Natasha says. "Why he would be there" Vision says. "Maybe because that is a really les populated country" Natasha says. Vision pushes a button on some device and another newer Quinjet flies to them. They step inside it. Natasha goes sitting on the pilot chair and is flying. Vision goes sitting in another room. He opens a heart. A picture of Wanda Maximoff is inside it.

Tony and T"Challa arrive at Carol's house. "So what is the plan?" T"Challa says. "Protect Carol and defeat Hammer" Tony says. "Go ring the bell, I will look if Hammer is already here" Tony says. T"Challa walks to the door and rings the bell. Leonardo opens the door. "Can I help you?" Leonardo says. "Is Carol Danvers inside here?" T"Challa says. "Yes, she is" Leonardo says. Tony searches around the building but can't find anything. "Can I come inside?" T"Challa says. "Allright then" Leonardo says. "But wait aren't you the king of Wakanda?" Leonardo says. "Yes I am" T"Challa says. "I saw you on tv" Leonardo says. "They say you are kidnapped by Tony Stark" Leonardo says. "You shouldn't believe everything you see on tv" T"Challa says. They walk to the living room where Carol is sitting. "This is her?" T"Challa says. T"Challa sees she is watching to a tv programme with Justin Hammer, he is talking about Tony Stark. "Aren't you done with that guy?" T"Challa says when he walks inside the room. "Who is this?" Carol says. "The king of Wakanda" Leonardo says. "Oh what are you doing here?" Carol says. "I am here for her" T"Challa says pointing to Carol. "Wait is this because of that guy Tony Stark, he also was here some days ago" Leonardo says. "You are right" Tony says and he flies inside through an open window. "Hello again" Tony says. "Wait you are that guy from tv?" Carol says. "Yes I already was here some days ago indeed" Tony says. "What do you want from us?" Carol says. "I want to protect you" Tony says. "Protect me? For who?" Carol sasy. "Wait you idiot, You won't protect anybody, I will call the police" Leonardo says. "That won't be necessary" Another familair voice says. "You are so predictable Tony Stark" Hammer says. "Justin Hammer? What are you doing here?" Carol says. "Sir Hammer" Leonardo says. "I am comming here for these two idiots" Hammer says. Tony walks to Carol. "You are too late" Tony says. "You are wrong, I am right on time" Hammer says. "Tell them you want to kill her" Tony says. "Actually Stark I don't want to kill anybody, not even you" Hammer says. "Of course Hammer never wants to kill anyone" Leonardo says. "I am the savior of this city, why don't you see that Stark" Hammer says. "And I am not going to let that all be destroyed by an idiot of you" Hammer says and suddenly he grabs a weapon. "Meet the Hammer 3000" Hammer says. "Bye Stark" Hammer says. T"Challa tries to stop him and Tony protects Carol. Hammer shoots with his weapon. Tony, T"Challa, Carol and Leonardo are all hitted by the weapon and all dissapear.

5 hours later, Natasha and Vision arrive in Namibia. They walk outside the plane to the village where Bruce lives. They see the quinjet also standing there. It is a village near Windhoek. They walk inside the village and see some people. "The Avengers?" One of the kids says. "That are Black Widow and Vision!" Another kid says. "We have no time, I am sorry" Natasha says. Bruce sitting inside his house also hears it. "Do you know where Bruce Banner lives?" Natasha asks to a woman. "He lives there, we already expected one of you to come one day" The woman says. Natasha thanks her and gives her some food. The kids wants to play with Vison but he says that there is no time for that. They knock on the house. Bruce opens the door. "What are you doing here?" Bruce says. "We need your help" Natasha says.

Tony awakes in a warm place. He sees a big robot. There is also flying something beside. Later it comes closer and he sees it is Thor. Tony wants to make a sign to him but he doesn't see it. "Where the hell are we?" Leonardo says. "This is all your fault!" Leonardo says. Carol and T"Challa are also lying somewhere further. T"Challa sees a girl running to them. It is Sif. "What are you still doing here?" Sif says. "Oh we also have no idea" T"Challa says and he steps on his legs again. He puts on his Black Panther suit. 1 minute later, The Destroyer is destroyed and Thor flies back to Sif. "Good work Thor" Sif says. Thor also sees Tony, Leonardo, Carol and T"Challa. "Who are they?" Thor says. "Thor? I am so happy to see you" Tony says. "Who are you?" Thor says. "I am Tony Stark, oh come on you also forget me?" Tony says. "I don't see to remember you" Thor says. "We fought against each other, fought together." Tony says. "Who is this Thor?" Sif says. "I have no idea" Thor says. T"Challa tries to wake up Carol. She later awakes. "Where are we?" Carol says. "I have also no idea" T"Challa says. Tony walks to them. "He has send us back in time" Tony says. "Really?" T"Challa says. "Thor?" Tony says. "How do you know my name?" Thor says. "You must help us" Tony says. "Where can we help you with?" Sif says. "Sif is your name isn't it?" Tony says. "Yes" Sif says. "We are sent back in time" Tony says. "How?" Sif says. "Could you help us with getting back to our time?" Tony says. "I don't think that we can do that" Thor says. "It is all your fault!" Leonardo yells to Tony Stark. "I don't see why it is my fault, Hammer send us to here" Tony says. "Yes because you were at our house and that's why we are here" Leonardo says. "Calm down we should work together to get back" T"Challa says. Suddenly, Tony, Carol, T"Challa and Leonardo dissapear again.

"So Hammer has taken over the city and you want my help to stop him?" Bruce says. "Yes Stark said you are our only chance" Natasha says. "I expected more from you Natasha" Bruce says. "But since I have still respect for you, I will try to help you" Bruce says. "Okay thank you!" Natash says. "You are still with the Avengers too?" Bruce says to Vision. "Yes I am" Vision says.

Tony, T"Challa, Carol and Leonardo appear back on another planet: Svartalfheim, the home of the dark elves. "And where are we now?" T"Challa says. "I gues on another planet" Tony says. "Wait where the hell are we?" Leonardo says. "Please quiet" Tony says. "I can't be quiet now, We are on another planet I am getting tight, we should go away here now!!" Leonardo says. T"Challa tries him to shut his mouth. Tony walks to Carol, which is also very scared. "I am sorry that this all happened" Tony says. "Sorry? You should be more than that" Carol says. "I hope I can make it good somehow" Tony says. "I hope they haven't heard us" Black Panther says. But it is already too late. The Dark Elves walk towards them. "We need to go now" Tony says. "Can you fly?" Tony says to Carol. "Fly? How do you know I can that?" Carol says. "Wait what? Carol? You can fly?" Leonardo says. "We will probably need it" Tony says and he points to the comming Dark Elves. "You idiot" T"Challa says to Leonardo. They run away from them inside a cave. They see it is death end. But inside they see it isn't a cave but a volcano. The Dark elves come closer and closer. They talk in an Elvish language. "What do they say?" Leonardo says. "Do you really think I have a fricking idea!" Tony says and he tries to let Carol use her powers again. She lets him help him. The Dark Elves come closer. T"Challa puts on his Black Panther suit once again. The Dark Elves attack him. It doesn't work to let Carol fly again. Tony puts on his suit. "Wait you also have a suit?" Carol says. "Of course I have one" Tony says and he fires something that grabs Black Panther and he flies away. The Dark Elves come closer. "Wait are those aliens?" Leonardo says. "It is time to go" Tony says and he throws that thing again to grab Leonardo, but it is too late. One of the Dark Elves puts his weapon inside Leonardo. Another Dark elf attacks him and stebs his weapon in his head. It kills him and his death body falls of the platform inside the lava. Tony grabs Carol and they fly outside the volcano. "No!" Carol screams and she sees Leonardo's death body burning down in the lava. Iron Man flies holding Carol away from the volano when he suddenly dissapears and reappears back on earth. They are in a less poplulated place which they don't know. "Carol forget him" Tony says. "I can't" Carol says crying. "He is or was not your husband" Tony says.

In Namibia, Bruce Banner is experiencing about how to get the timeline good back. Natasha and Vision are sitting outside. "I can't even remember him anymore" Natasha says. "He is indeed different than I remember" Vision says. "I often helped him with getting a lullaby, but he doesn't seem to remember that" Natasha says. "Lullaby?" Vision says. "Yes I calmed down the hulk" Natasha says. "Sounds interesting" Vision says. Suddenly, M.O.D.O.K. and Crimson Dynamo appear. "Hello there" M.O.D.O.K. "Not again" Natasha says. "You thought you finally was rid of us!" Anton says. "T"Challa was right, we should have delivered you to the police" Vision says. "Where are Stark and Panther?" M.O.D.O.K. says. "Far away from idiots like you" Natasha says and she suddenly grabs a gun and shoots a bullet at M.O.D.O.K. He dodges it and attack Black Widow too. Vision is attacked by Crimson Dynamo. He fires bullets at Vision, but he makes a shield of his arms and they all go away. Natasha and Vision run back inside to Banner. "What is going on out there?" Bruce says. "Two enemies of us are back" Natasha says. "Fine and you brougth them to me" Bruce says. "We can use the Hulk now" Vision says. "Hell no he will come back" Bruce says. They run back outside through the back door to the Quinjet. Bruce hesitates. "You should come with us" Natasha says. Bruce grabs some stuff out his house and takes it in his back. He runs to the Quinjet. But suddenly M.O.D.O.K. uses his powers and grabs Bruce. "And who the hell is this?" Anton says. "Let him go, he has nothing to do with you" Vision says. "Can we trade him for Stark's location?" M.O.D.O.K. says. "We have nothing with you, I only want revenge on him for killing my son" Anton says. "Killing your son? Then you are totally wrong" Natasha says. "What the hell are you talking about?" Anton says. "Hammer is the one that killed your son" Natasha says. "Hammer? oh that other America" Anton says. "It is on film" Natasha says and she throws a small screen to Dynamo. He watches on it. He sees a guy in an Iron Man likeable suit. "I don't want to see this ever again, but how do I know this isn't Stark?" Anton says. "He was later seen again" Natasha says. The screen turns to another video, which shows the same iron man suit opened. Hammer walks outside it. "Yes you are right, Stark wasn't my son's killer" Anton says. M.O.D.O.K. lets Banner go. He runs inside the ship. "So that means we have the same enemy" Natasha says. "You are smart Romanoff" M.O.D.O.K. says. "We will be allies for this only time" M.O.D.O.K. says.

Tony, T"Challa and Carol are still on the same place. They don't have much to say, but suddenly they dissapear again. They are now in a busy shopping mall. "F.R.I.D.A.Y?" Tony says. "Yes Mr. Stark?" F.R.I.D.A.Y. says. "Where are we now?" Tony says. "San Francisco Mr. Stark" F.R.I.D.A.Y says. "That means we are getting closer to New York" Tony says and he walks to T"Challa and Carol which are sitting on bench. "We are back in America!" Tony says. "That's great, but I prefered to be back in Wakanda now" T"Challa says. "I understand that" Tony says. Carol is still sad. Tony goes siting next to her. "I don't know if I can make it good, but we can better find together a way to come back and to make you back to Captain Marvel" Tony says. But suddenly on that moment a big earthquake quakes. All people go on shock. "Fine it couldn't get any better" Tony says. "We should help all people get into safety" T"Challa says. T"Challa opens up his Black Panther suit and Iron Man pushes a button which makes his suit appear. Carol stays sitiing on the bench. "Where are you waiting for?" Tony says. The building starts falling apart. T"Challa grabs a falling pillar and holds it. Another pillar falls on Carol. Tony grabs her and flies away and brings her to the ground. He wants to help the another people too but suddenly he dissapears. Black Panther also dissapears. The pillar falls on the whole building collapses. They later appear on a very small island in the Pacific Ocean. "Nooo?" T"Challa says. "We disappeared again" Tony says. "All those people" T"Challa says. "We are close to New York, maybe I can fly us back to New York." Tony says. "You can't carry us both" T"Challa says. "Carol?" Tony says. "Any Ideas how to get you back in the air?" Tony says. "No but you deserve this" Carol says and she kisses Tony. "I miss my Nakia" T"Challa says. After they kiss, suddenly Carol gets her powers back. "I missed you with this powers" Tony says. Carol flies to New York but there is a shield around the island. Iron Man flies to her. "There is a shield around the island" Carol says. "F.R.I.D.A.Y?" Tony says. "Your powers comined with Carol's powers should be enough energy to open the Shield" F.R.I.D.A.Y. says. "Okay F.R.I.D.A.Y." Tony says and he starts firing on the shield. "Can you help me?" Tony says. Carol understands and uses her powers on the same spot, which makes the shield turn open. T"Challa sees it and is glad. Iron Man flies to him and grabs him and they fly outside. Carol also goes outside. Outside they all disappear.

Rhodes is sitting inside the Avengers Facility. Hammer walks also inside the room. "Have you heard anything about that Stark?" Rhodes says. "Yes we need to kill him immediately" Hammer says, while he sees what they did. "Go to this location and kill him!" Hammer says. "Yes Mr. Hammer" Rhodes says and he leaves the Avengers Facility.

Tony, T"Challa and Carol reappear back in Hammer City. They are back in Carol's house. Hammer appears on their tv. "Don't think I will let you help them hahahaha" Hammer says. "You idiot!" T"Challa says. "They are all death because of you!" T"Challa says. "You saved me" Carol says to Tony. "Yes that's because I care about you" Tony says. "I see Leonardo didn't survive your little adventure" Hammer says. "Yes Tony is right, He wasn't your husband Danvers" Hammer says. "But Stark also isn't" Hammer says. T"Challa grabs a chair and throws it through the tv. "I don't want to see his face again" T"Challa says. "That was my tv" Carol says. "I can buy a new one for you" T"Challa says. "Same for me" Tony says. "Really?" Carol says. "Yes I am a billionaire, philantrophist......." Tony says. "Wait I forgot the other part" Tony says. "That's right Stark, It is time to also erase your brain, since you are screwing everything up" Rhodey, which is outside says. "Rhodey?" T"Challa asks. "Hello old buddy" Rhodey says. "So Hammer sent you?" Tony says. "He is the real Iron Man, not you traitor" Rhodey says. "You should know better than this Rhodes" Tony says. Rhodes flies inside the building. "And who is this woman?" Rhodes says. "I am Carol Danvers, and you are?" Carol says. "You did everything for this stupid woman?" Rhodey says. "Stupid?" Carol says. "You should know better than this, she helped us defeating Thanos, or can't you also not remember that?" Tony says. "Justin killed him and I, traitor, traitor and traitor helped him with that." Rhodes says. "Oh and where are Cap and Wanda?" Tony says. "They both died" Rhodes says. "Come on all these things you say are lies!" Tony says. "And that is said by the biggest liar on eart!" Rhodey says. "Come on stop you two!" T"Challa says. "Hammer is the liar James, how can't you see it" T"Challa says. "What the hell has he done to you?" Rhodey says. "We have the same question for you!" Tony says. "You can ask all your question you want in 1 hour." Rhodey says and suddenly a lot of Hammer Drones appear inside the house. "Couldn't Hammer come himself" Tony says. "One of the Hammer Drones opens and Justin Hammer walks outside of it. "Hello Stark" Hammer says. "Oh there you are" Tony says. "I wanted to talk to you for one last time, surrender now or I will erase your total existence" Hammer says. "Wait before I erase your total existence, you should have never get this much power" Tony says. "And you never deserved it!!" Hammer says. "Deserved what?" Rhodey says. "Never mind, he never had this power" Hammer says. "But why did you said that then?" Carol says. "I am done with him, kill him!" Hammer says and he steps back in his suit and flies away. The Hammer drones attack Tony Stark and T"Challa. They both open their suits and attack back. They destroy a lot of other Hammer Drones. Some other Hammer Drones grab Carol. "What about her?" One of the Hammer Drones says. "Take her to Hammer" Rhodey says. But suddenly Carol gets her suit back and destroys the Hammer Drones. "I am back boys" Carol says and she also attacks them. "Fine" Rhodey says. "Rhodes!" Tony says. "Don't run away!" Tony says. "So you want me to kill you?" Rhodey says. "I am not going to fight my best friend" Tony says. "Then you will die!" Rhodey says. "Didn't you heard what he said?" Tony says. "I don't believe you both!" Rhodes says. "So who do you believe more?" Carol says. "Neither of you two!" Rhodey says. Suddenly T"Challa smashes him in the head and he falls knocked out.

They bring him to an old Avengers base, Rhodey is put in an old prison. "Hammer can't know about this" Tony says. "He never told us about this indeed" T"Challa says. "He didn't tell you a lot things" Tony says. "What about me?" Carol says. "He never even mentioned you" T"Challa says. Suddenly on that moment, Tony is called. It is is Natasha. "Hey how is it going?" Tony says. "Good, we have Banner, Where are you?" Natasha says. "I will give you our location" Tony says. "There is something you should know stark" Natasha says. "We have some company" Natasha says. "What company?" Tony says.

Hammer comes back inside his special base. Jack an the other henchmen are already ready. "I am totally done with these idiots! I want Stark's head and all the others back to their normal life" Hammer says. "Hammer!" Jack an the other henchmen scream. Hammer walks to one of them. "Is the weapon ready?" Hammer says. "Yes and that isn't even everything." Jack says. "I have not created one of them but already hundreds!" Jack says.

In the next scene, Natasha, Bruce, Vision are back. "I still can't believe they will help us now." Tony says. "Who are they?" Carol says. Anton comes out of his suit and walks to Stark. "I will work with you for one time Stark." Anton says. "I didn't kill your son" Tony says. "I know" Anton says. "Good, then there isn't any reason to be enemies any longer" Tony says. "And we have the same enemy" Tony says. Anton gives him a hand. "And you M.O.D.O.K.?" Tony says. "I just want to be on the winning side, I don't care that much" M.O.D.O.K. says. "Winning side? Hahahaha" Rhodey says. "Shut up Rhodes" T"Challa says. "You don't even know where Hammer is capable for, you are all going to die!" Rhodey says. "I doubt about that" Natasha says. "Shut his mouth F.R.I.D.A.Y" Tony says. One Iron man of the Iron Legion gets inside Rhodey's cell and smashes him knocked out again. Later, Banner walks inside the room. "Banner good to see you" Tony says. "Who is that?" Banner says. "That is Tony Stark, the man I told you about" Natasha says. "Oh yeah good to meet you" Bruce says. "So you will help us?" Tony says. "Have you already found out to make the timeline normal again?" Tony says. "Yes and Yes" Banner says. "That's great news" Tony says. "Make the timeline normal?" Anton says. "That wasn't part of our agreement?" Anton says. "You probably won't understand this, but Hammer changed the timeline and a lot of things are changed because of that" Tony says. "What is changed excactly?" M.O.D.O.K. says. "I wasn't an Avenger anymore and nobody even knew me" Tony says. "Also I lost my wife and got a new wife" Tony says. "But now you have me back" Carol says. "Yes I do" Tony says. "Stark? I think you should see this" T"Challa says. They all walk before the tv and watch what is on it. It is Christine Everhart. Tony is surprised to see her again. "Wait wasn't that your wife?" Natasha says. "Wife?" Carol says. Tony ignores what they say and watches further. She is interviewing Hammer. "What is that big weapon there Justin?" Christine says. "There are some criminals in the city and we need to defeat them" Hammer says. "So you will defeat them with that weapon?" Christine says. "Yes there isn't any other way" Hammer says. "And who are these criminals?" Christine says. "Their leader is Tony Stark." Hammer says. "Wait what?" Christine says. The TV broadcast ends. "What is this?" Anton says. "This can't be good" Tony says. "You say my husband is a criminal?" Christine angry says to Hammer. "Yes I am sorry for saying that" Hammer says. "That can't be true" Christine says. "You shouldn't have said that" Hammer says and he slams her knocked out. "That was a mistake Everhart" Hammer says. "You will be the first where the weapon will be used on" Hammer says. The screen in the Avenger's base turns to the big weapon. "We need to stop that thing" Vision says. "I can agree with that" Tony says.

Christine is later thrown in a cell. Next of her there is another cell. Another prisoner is inside there. "Was it Hammer himself?" The other prisoner says. "Yes it was" Christine says. The other prisoner walks to the side of the Christine's cage. It is Happy Hogan. "Wait don't I know you?" Happy says. "I don't know you" Christine says. "You probably saw me on tv one time" Christine says. "Oh yeah you are that journalist" Happy says. "She was that journalist" Hammer, which is also in the room now, says. "What is wrong with you? I was always an ally of you, and now you put in this stupid cell?" Christine says. "You are an ally of Stark!" Hammer says. "Ally? He is my husband you idiot" Christine says. "Husband? Don't let me laugh!" Hammer says. "Now I understand why he was acting strang lately" Christine says. "Yeah why?" Hammer says. "Because of you!" Christine says. "You stupid bitch! It would be a pleasure for me to kill you" Hammer says. "Go to hell Hammer" Happy says. "I have already been there, it is a lot nicer than you think" Hammer says. Happy makes a sign that he doesn't understand him. "The prison I mean, I had a friend" Hammer says. "What friend?" Christine says. "I loved him" Hammer says. "What happened to him?" Happy says. "Death, killed by the ten rings!" Hammer says. "Jack?" Hammer says. Jack walks inside the room. "Show my prisoners what happened to the Ten Rings." Hammer says. Jack walks away and later comes back with a jar with all the heads of the Ten Rings members. Happy and Christine are shocked about what they see.

"Banner have you found already a way to reverse everything again?" Tony asks. "No there is piece missing in my solution, I know for sure Hammer knows it you should capture him and bring him here." Banner says. "Allright" Tony says. "Nat you will stay here with Banner, Hammer will find out soon about this base, so we will need somebody to protect Banner and Rhodey" Tony says. "Okay Stark" Natasha says. "Everybody else, it is time to go to Hammer" Tony says. "Only going to him? Not defeating him?" Anton says. "And defeat him, sorry I forgot to say that" Tony says. The others pick all their stuff and make their self ready. Carol walks to Tony. "I am sorry for doing so stupid to you in the beginning" Carol says. "Never mind, Hammer is the one that is responsible for that" Tony says. "But when all is reversed again, what happens to us?" Carol says. "You will all become in your normal life again, you will be my wife again" Tony says. "That sounds very strange for me" Carol says. "It is, it is almost the opposite world" Tony says. "Sorry for interrupting, but everybody is ready to go" Vision says. "Okay then we should go" Tony says. Carol agrees and they all step in a new quinjet and fly away.

"Sir the Quinjet is back in the air, Should we shoot on it?" Jack says. "You don't even have to ask me!" Hammer says. The Hammer Drones go in the air and shoot on the quinjet. The quinjet tries to fight back, but one of the Hammer drones grabs a rocket launcher and fires on it. The Quinjet explodes and lands in the sea. The Hammer Drones go to the wreck and see there are no survivors. "It is exploded and there were no survivors sir." Jack says. "I can see that myself too" Hammer says. "That means we have won!!" Jack says and all the henchmen are very glad. "Idiots, it can't be that easy." Hammer says.

Iron Man and the others walk on the ground inside a Hammer van. Nobody sees them. "That was a good idea" T"Challa says. "Stark Ideas are always good" Tony says. "Don't be so arrogant Tony" Carol says smiling. "Sorry that's what I am" Tony says. "There is happening something" M.O.D.O.K. says. "A message" Vision says. It is a message of Hammer. "Our enemies are defeated, but still I want a little check up that there isn't one still alive, so I'd like to everybody to report" Hammer says. "What should we say?" Carol says. "What about us? He doesn't know us" Anton says. "Good Idea" Tony says. "Anton you will report yourself" Tony says. "Okay allright" Anton says and he pushes a button and says: "Hammer van 6928 reports" "Search for the voices of Stark or Vision or Romanoff or Panther" Hammer says. "Yes sir" Jack says. "And now?" T"Challa, which is driving says. "Drive to Hammer's base." Tony says.

In the Avengers base, Natasha and Banner are sitting. Bruce sees that Natasha is thinking of something. "What are you thinking of?" Bruce says. "Something about what Stark said" Natasha says. "He says more, don't believe everything he says" Bruce says. "He said that we are lovers in the real world" Natasha says. "Lovers? That can't be true" Bruce says. "I was thinking the same" Natasha says. Suddenly on that moment a glass is broken. Some Hammer Drones come inside the base. They attack Natasha and Bruce. Natasha grabs her batons and fights back. She defeats some of them. Bruce grabs a gun and shoots on some of them. "Please don't make me angry, please don't make me angry" Bruce says. More Hammer Drones comes inside and they all attack Natasha. They electrocute her and later she is defeated. They see Rhodey in the cell. Other Hammer Drones electroctue Banner. Banner become angry because of it. Later he transforms into Hulk. Hulk attacks the Hammer Drones. They are surpised to see them. "How is it going in that stupid base?" Hammer says. "Look to it yourself" Jack says. The Hammer Drones let Rhodey escape but are destroyed by the Hulk. Rhodey sees Hulk. "Long time no see" Rhodey says and he grabs a new stun Staff. It is much more powerful than the one he used in Leipzig. He electrocutes Hulk with it. Hulk is surprised by it but it doesn't make him defeated. Rhodey fires on Hulk. Hulk dodges the bullets and wants to grab Rhodey. He tries to run from him but Hulk is faster and slams him away very hard. He falls hard on the ground. On the moment he wants to kill him more Hammer Drones come inside the base and fire on Hulk. It are a lot and they place bombs in the base. Rhodey takes his chance to fly away. Hulk knows the base is lost and grabs Widow and jump outside the base. 10 seconds later the base explodes.

Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Vision, M.O.D.O.K. and Crimson Dynamo arrive at Hammer's base. They step outside the van and the Hammer Drones immediately see them. They attack them. "Sir we have found them" Jack says. "How could they get so close to us?" Hammer says. Captain Marvel uses her energy projection and destroys lots of the Hammer Drones. Crimson Dynamo flies and destroys some of them too. M.O.D.O.K. changes the settings of the Hammer Drones, which makes them destroy their self. Vision uses his beam and destroys also some of them. Black Panther jumps on them and rips off their head and destroys some others uses his claws. Iron Man uses his new weapons and destroys the last Hammer Drones. "How on earth is this possible?" Hammer says. "They have help from Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K." Jack says. "Idiots! I should have killed all of these criminals, not surprising these criminals work together" Hammer says. "Send the Hammer Drone 3000!" Hammer says. "Yes sir" Jack says. A very big Hammer Drone (As big as the whole base of Hammer) appears. "What is that Stark?" M.O.D.O.K. says. "Ahh He upgraded the Hulkbuster" Tony says. "I wasn't expecting this" Tony says. "How can we defeat it Tony?" Carol says. "Fire with everything you have" Tony says. Black Panther jumps on one of the legs and tries to destroy it. Crimson Dynamo fires on the other leg. Carol and Tony try to destroy their hands. Vision fires on his belly. M.O.D.O.K. tries to take over his mind, but het can't do it as easy as the others. The Hammer Drone slams M.O.D.O.K. away. He kicks on Black Panther and Crimson Dynamo. "Any Ideas?" T"Challa says. "Yes like we often do in Russia" Anton says and he uses some gadget on his suit and fires on the Hammer Drone. The bullets don't come through his armour. Iron Man and Captain Marvel combine their power but stil it doesn't work. But suddenly on that moment Hulk appears and he jumps on the head of the Hammer Drone. He smashes on it. "What is that thing?" Carol says. "Hulkbuster you said?" T"Challa says. Hulk gets more agressive and separates in one hit the head of the Hammer Drone of his torso. "Is this monster on our side?" Crimson Dynamo says. The remaining parts of the hammer drone try to fight back, but Tony, Carol, Vision, Crimson Dynamo, M.O.D.O.K. fire all at the middle of the torso. The Hammer Drone can't hold it any longer and later explodes. Iron Man grabs Black Panther and they all fly away. Further in the street they see Natasha, which is also there. "Did I miss something?" Natasha says and on the background the remaining parts of the Hammer Drone fell apart.

Inside the base of Hammer, Hammer and his allies are watching to the fight. “How on earth is this possible?” Hammer angry says. “They are almost inside sir” Jack says. “And is there also any good news?” Hammer says. “Yes there is” Jack says and War Machine walks inside. “And where the hell have you been this goddamn time!” Justin Hammer says. “In Stark’s cell, but I am back for revenge!” Rhodes says. “Good!” Justin Hammer says. “We have one benefit” War Machine says and he points to Christine and Happy. “We should use them” War Machine says. “Good Idea” Justin Hammer says.

Outside, Iron Man and the others looks to Hulk and Black Widow. “Not that much you missed” Tony says and he jumps in the air and flies to above. A lot of other Hammer Drones attack the others. Iron Man sees Hammer and War Machine in the building through a glass. “Stark!!” Hammer says. “Surrender or she will die!” Hammer says and he points his gun to Christine. “Stop Hammer, you have already lost” Tony says. “I have not!” Justin Hammer says and on that moment he wants to shoot her but suddenly he is hit and flies outside the building. Tony looks beside him and sees that Captain Marvel rescued her. “Why didn’t you that immediately?” Carol says. “I don’t have that great powers as you have” Tony says. War Machine is very surprised and attacks them. On the ground, Hulk defeats the remaining Hammer Drones. Black Panther, Black Widow, Vision, M.O.D.O.K., Crimson Dynamo walk inside, where another army of Hammer Drones is waiting for them. “How much of them are here?” Black Widow says. “Too many” Vision says. “You are right on that one” Black Widow says and they start attacking the others. M.O.D.O.K. uses his powers and destroys a lot of them. War Machine smashes Iron Man away and attacks Captain Marvel. “I don’t have words to describe you” War Machine says. Iron Man sees them fighting but he goes to Christine. He opens his helmet. “Tony?” Christine says. “I am sorry for what he did to you” Tony says. “I don’t understand, why are you also using a suit?” Christine says. “I can explain that later” Tony says and he walks to Happy’s cage. “Thank me later” Tony says. “Thank you Mr. Stark” Happy says. Jack is also in the room and walks outside the room. “Tony can you please stay here” Christine says. “I am very sorry but I have no time” Tony says. “Okay allright then, I only want to say is that I am sorry for what I said and that I love you” Christine says. “Okay I love you too” Tony lies and he flies away. Later, Black Panther, Black Widow, Crimson Dynamo, M.O.D.O.K. also come inside the room. They see Christine and Happy. “Where did they go?” Natasha askes to them. “They flew away” Christine says. “To that way” Happy says and he points to the direction Tony flew to. Jack is hiding himself but Vision sees him. “Who is that?” Vision says. Black Widow, Crimson Dynamo and the others aim their weapons to him. “Wow wow wait” Jack says. “I don’t work for Hammer, I am secretly…..” Jack says, but on that moment he is shot by Crimson Dynamo. The other look to him. “What? Did you really believe anything he said?” Crimson Dynamo says. Iron Man joins the fight again. He sees Rhodey flying before Danvers. “There you are Stark, on the right moment to see your beloved wife die!” Rhodey says. But on that moment Hulk is back and he jumps from the building on War Machine and destroys his suit. Rhodes can escape out of it and survives. He tries to escape but Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K. stand before him. “Where do you think you are going?” M.O.D.O.K. says. But on that moment a big shadow appears before them. “Remember when somebody dies here, in the real world he will be death as well!” A big robot says and the big weapon awakes. It aims and fires. Vision and Black Panther are hit by the weapon. The weapon fires again, it aims on Black Widow but Hulk jumps before it and is also hit. “Go off the street!” Tony yells and Black Widow, Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K. go back inside the building. “We need to find a way to destroy it” Tony says to Captain Marvel. “Maybe I have an idea” Carol says. “It has a weak spot, I already saw it” Carol says. The Big robot walks to Vision and Black Panther, which are lying on the ground. The Big Robot opens and Justin Hammer is sitting inside it. “You should have never worked with that big idiot!” Hammer says and he stamps on Black Panther. His Vibranium suit breaks and T”Challa is flatten. Black Widow, Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K. see it. “No!!” Natasha yells and she attacks Hammer. “Ah there you are my love” Hammer says and he closes his robot, when she starts firing on him. “You should have never betrayed me” Hammer says and he uses his weapons on her and defeats her. Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K. see it and try to run, but Hammer sees them. “And where do you think you are going?” Hammer says. “Trying to defeat you of course, you motherfucker!” Crimson Dynamo says and he attacks Hammer. M.O.D.O.K. moves around him. Hammer fires a lot of bullets on Crimson Dynamo, but he doesn’t get hit by hit. “You should come with more than that” Crimson Dynamo says and he fires back to Hammer. Tony and Carol go to the weapon, which is aimed on Crimson Dynamo. “Help me with firing on here” Carol says and she starts firing on the weak spot. “You sure?” Tony says. “Yes” Carol says. Tony starts his beam and also fires on it. M.O.D.O.K. flies on the back of the Big robot and uses his wires to electrocute him. The Big robot stops firing and gets hit by multiple bullets of Crimson Dynamo. “Is that everything you big idiots got!!” Hammer yells. But on that moment a big explosion can be heard. “What the hell was that?” Hammer says. Iron Man’s beam is empty because he uses so much energy on the weapon. It goes to back up energy. A big explosion follows and a big smoke wave appears. Everything is dark. “Carol?” Tony yells. He doesn’t see her. He flies to the ground and he sees Carol falling. He uses all his last energy and grabs her and he uses the parachute and they fall safe on the ground. He carries her away. Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K. also go away. Hammer’s robot is stuck and can’t move anymore. The whole weapon explodes and all the broke pieces fall down. Hammer opens his suit, but it is already too late. All the broken pieces fall on him, killing him. Tony sees it happening. He goes out of his suit and destroys it. “That was my last suit” Tony says. Carol is lying unconscious on the ground. Tony tries to awake. “What are you doing Tony?” Carol says. “I thought you were unconscious” Tony says. “I was, but that was not the right thing” Carol says and she starts kissing him. Rhodey is still walking away, but Crimson Dynamo appears in front of him. “Too late” Anton says and he makes him unconscious.

Later, Tony, Carol, Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K. see the others injured. Rhodes is sitting inside his known cell. Tony walks to Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K. and says: “Thank you for your help, without you couldn’t have done this” “It wasn’t that big deal” M.O.D.O.K. says. “Being a good guy is great, I should do that more often” Anton says. “That’s great to hear” Tony says. Carol watches to T”Challa’s body. “Wakanda will need a new king” Tony says. “Yes” Carol says sad. “It is time” Tony says. “Am I going to miss you?” Carol says. “You will soon see me back” Tony says. “Ok all right” Carol says and she embraces him. Tony grabs the thing Banner made for him and pushes on the button. When he awakes again, he is in a grass field. “F.R.I.D.A.Y.?” Tony says. “Yes Mr. Stark?” F.R.I.D.A.Y. says. “I can really need a suit right now” Tony says. “Understood” F.R.I.D.A.Y. says. A suit flies out of the air and stops before Tony. Tony steps in it and flies away. He looks to where he is and flies to the Avengers Facility. Inside he sees Bruce, Vision, Black Widow and to his surprise Anton Vanko sitting. “Welcome back” Bruce says to Tony. “Where is Carol?” Tony says. “She is in her room” Natasha says. “Ok allright” Tony says and he walks away. Natasha grabs Bruce and embraces him. Anton and Vision are doing their job. On his way to Carol’s room, tony sees Happy. “Hi” Tony says. “How are you Tony?” Happy says. “Fine, thanks” Tony says and he walks further and opens the door. He sees Carol sitting. “Carol?” Tony says. “Yeah I am here” Carol says. Tony goes to her and embraces her. “Where is this for?” Carol says. “I missed you” Tony says. “But you were only gone for five minutes” Carol says. “It looked like way longer” Tony says. After he said that, the credits appear.

In the Mid-Credit Scene, Christine Everhart is seen. She is normal now and just a journalist. She interviewing Tony Stark. She is asking questions about Justin Hammer. Tony does like he knows about nothing and only says he was an old friend.

In the after-Credit scene, Thor and Sif are still standing. “Where did they go?” Sif says. “Probably back to their time” Thor says. “I hope so” Sif says. Later they kiss each other and walk away.


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