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      Iron Man 4 is a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I will release in May 2020, and it is a sequel to Iron Man 3. It will be the second movie of Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will have the same Mandarin as the villian, only without the plot twist with Aldrich Killian. The real Mandarin will show up just like he appeared in the Marvel One Shot: All hail to the king. Also, Justin Hammer will return from his appearance in Iron Man 2.

Synopsis Edit

The Movie will start 2 years after the Infinity War. Tony Stark started to make suits again. Now James Rhodes (War Machine) helps him with this. Tony Stark creates the ultimate suit but The Mandarin is against this. He tries to stop Tony Stark with his new ally. Tony also wants his relationship back with Pepper. Also a new threat is coming.

Plot Edit

Marvel Logo appears.

At the beginning Tony is on a party on his new house. James Rhodes enters into the party. He is checked by Happy Hogan at the door. Happy Hogan finds it alright and let Rhodes came in. Rhodes walks to Tony. Tony is waiting for Pepper to come, because Tony invited her to come, but she didn't came. After a couple hours the party is interrupted by the Mandarin. He wants that Tony destroy all his suits. Tony refuges, but The Mandarin says if he does, he will attack the party. Tony suits up and waits for the Mandarin to come, but he doesn't come. The Party continues but after 1 hour a bomb explodes and Tony and Rhodey try to save the injured people, but then there is The Mandarin, War Machine and Iron Man fights against The Mandarin and defeat him after a long fight.

The logo of Iron Man appears.

The next day, The Mandarin is put in prison and is waiting for his next move. Rhodey is glad but Tony thinks that it was too simple. Tong says it to Rhodey: "It was too simple, I think The Mandarin has a plan. Rhodey agreed later.

Later The Mandarain is seen sitting in Prison, then he realises that Justin Hammer is in the same prison. Justin Hammer is sitting in the opposite cell of The Mandarin. Justin Hammer says: "Has Tony Sark done this? Did he put you in prison?". The Mandarin says nothing. After that Justin Hammer says: "Do you hear me?". Where The Mandarin says: "No". Justin Hammer goes sit down and eats his breakfast. Then the guard came across and asked to The Mandarin if he wants a book. "Yes" The Mandarin says. The Guard gives him a book.

Suddenly Tony and Rhodey are creating a new armor. After a couple of days later, they succeeded to create it.

Later The Mandarin and Justin Hammer have a small noment to go outside. Another prisoner walks to them with a picture of Tony Stark. When I am out of here, I will kill Tony Stark. Justin Hammer and The Mandarin both agreed and they were making a plan together. He says: "I am Carl Creel". Then another group across. One says: "Look there, who we got here, the biggest badguy of all the Mandarin. Another prisoner starts to kick The Mandarin. A couple of seconds later they all started fighting. But then The Mandarin hitted the other prisoner so hard, he fell death. Then all the guards came and shot at them with concussion bullets. Justin Hammer, Carl Creel and all the other prisoners were fast defeated but The Mandarin tried to escape. But it didn't succeeded and he was later also shot by the guards.

Tony thinks of the party and also about Pepper. He can't forget here and he will visit here. Tony steps in a plane with Happy Hogan. Happy asks: Where do we go? To Pepper. Later Tony is before Peppers house. Pepper is now living in Los Angeles. At first Pepper won't open the door. Then Tony picked up his suit and put it on and flew into an open window. Pepper terrified saw Tony. Tony says to Pepper that they need to talk and they start.

In New York The Mandarin is put after the battle in no-light cell. Justin Hammer and Carl are put in the older cell. Before closing the door M.O.D.O.K. came to the prison and killed the guard with a brain explode and freed The Mandarin. The Mandarin wants to free Justin Hammer and Carl Creel. M.O.D.O.K. says: "We don't have enough time". Rhodes on that moment also there tries to stop M.O.D.O.K. and The Mandarin, M.O.D.O.K. starts fighting against Rhodes, The Mandarin escapes. Then also a lot of guards starting fighting against The Mandarin. The Mandarin simply kill them all. M.O.D.O.K. is using his mind trick and defeats Rhodes and kidnaps him. The Mandarin runs to Justin Hammer's cell and frees him. Later Justin Hammer frees Carl Creel and they all three escapes.

After a long conversation Tony steps in his plane outside and flies back to his house. After Tony is gone a henchmen of The Mandarin attacks Pepper and kidnaps her too. After that The Mandarin makes a new video where he says Tony that he captured two of his best friends and that he only can save one. He gives his location and he says that he must come alone, otherwise he will kill them both. Happy Hogan says it also, he says to Tony that he must do it. Tony angrily puts on his suit and flies to the location.

On the same time Justin Hammer and Carl Creel are escaping and are waiting for their next move. Justin Hammer wants to kill Tony Stark, but Carl Creel says that they must wait, because The Mandarin will do it.

Tony enters the place and sees M.O.D.O.K. standing before Rhodes and The Mandarin before Pepper. The Mandarin helds a short conversation about the kills Tony had done and about Pepper and Rhodes. After that Tony has to make the decision. Tony can't choose and he says: "Shoot me and spare them". After that The Mandarin has no murcy and shoots Pepper in the head and she falls to her death. Tony angry attacks the Mandarin and shoots him but he escapes. War Machine puts on his armor and attacks M.O.D.O.K. After a long fights Rhodes succeeds to cut of his power and then shoots him in the head. M.O.D.O.K. is electrocuted and he flies into a building, but what Rhodey doesn't know is that M.O.D.O.K. survived and later after Rhodes was gone, he flew away.

Tony is flying to the Mandarin and they go to Miami. Tony puts on his new Armor figthing against the Mandarin. Tony smashes down The Mandarin. Then Iron Man uses his new weapon and shoots it at The Mandarin. The Mandarin flies away, right on that moment James Rhodes appeared and shoots with his gun at The Mandarin. The Mandarim falls down and gets severely injured. Tony is thinking about taking him in prison again, but then he thinks about Pepper and what is happened the first time in prison. Tony has also no murcy and shoots The Mandarin in the head and killing him.

After that the people of Miami are happy on the victory. Tony and Rhodes are congratulated on a party where Happy Hogan is also on. He says that he also wants a suit for himself one time. Tony is not very happy because the death of Pepper and later he walks sad away. He steps on a plane and flies to Berlin. Rhodes later asks to Happy Hogan: "where is Tony?". Happy says he flew away, it will be a long time before we will see him back.

After the scene the Credits appear.

Post Credit Scene: Tony is in Berlin now and is dating with his new wife Carol Danvers. They are on a Christmas market in Berlin. On this way, he tries to forget Pepper. At the end of the scene Tony kisses Carol.

The credits appear again.

After Credit Scene: M.O.D.O.K. flies to his new master and says about the failure with The Mandarin. The master says that it won't happen again because he now will attack The Avengers by himself, later he shows himself as a new Dormammu with a normal body with fire on his face.

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Deleted ScenesEdit

Absorbing Man PastEdit

When Absorbing Man comes to Mandarin and Justin Hammer and tells about his past.

Justin Hammer with his boyfriendEdit

Justin Hammer walks to his boyfriend (who was also in spin-off All Hail to the King). He says that he doesn't want him anymore. Justin Hammer walks angrily away.

Tony Stark calling with Bruce BannerEdit

Tony Stark calls Bruce Banner. He says that he needs his help with defeating M.O.D.O.K. and the Mandarin. Banner says he has not time because he has also to defeat a Enemy. The Incredible Hulk 2 makes clear that this is The Leader.

The Mandarin's alternate deathEdit

In an alternate version the Mandarin is killed by the new suit of Iron Man.

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