Invader Zim: Wolf Madness is a darkness wolf movie release for 2024.

Invader Zim Wolf Madness poster


Zim's real friends are wolves. Except Zim. He's a real alien.


Zim had a very furious anger about his family after the movie called Invader Zim Enter The Florpus.  They’ve been wearing disguises as humans.  Even his dad and his mom are wearing disguises as Dib and Gaz. Zim’s dad said, “What do you think about the movie, son?”  But Zim yelled, “SILEEEEEEEEEENCE!  I’M NOT GONNA ANSWER YOUR QUESTION THIS TIME, DAD.  AND HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU?!?  I’M MAKING MY OWN MOVIE WITHOUT YOU AND MY FAMILY!”  Zim’s mom said, “But why, sweetie?  Why didn’t you like us?”   Zim answered, “Because…  I HATE ALL OF YOU FOREVER!  I’M GONNA TAKE OVER ALL OF YOU AND SAVE THE WORLD!”  Zim’s grandpa said, “WHAT?!?  Zim, you can’t hate us and destroy us.”  Zim’s grandma said, “Zim darling, let’s just be a family again.”  But it was too late.  Zim got the lazer gun and got ready to destroy all of his family.  And Zim yelled, “RESPECT YOUR ELDEEEEEEEERS!”  Zim’s dad was frightened and yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  And then, Zim zapped all of his family and made them dead. And now, Zim started to scream out loud with the echo like Scrat.  Until, he heard the two wolves howling with the echo.  Zim gasped and shouted, “WOOOOOOOLF!  I must find the wolf!”  Zim rushed into the deep darkest woods and searched for the wolves.  Zim stopped and saw Dib and Gaz howling together.  And then, Dib and Gaz saw Zim watching them howling together.  Dib said, “Hey, Zim.”  Zim said, “Hey, guys.  I heard you two howling.  What happened?”  Gaz answered, “We heard that you destroyed all of your family after they made a movie.  Is that true?”  Zim hissed and growled, “YES!  THAT’S BECAUSE…”  Gaz said, “Wait.  Don’t tell us.  Let me guess. You hate them forever, right?”  Zim said, “DUH!”  Dib said, “We understand, Zim.  As a friend between aliens and wolves, Gaz and I were going to stay with you forever.”  And then, Zim smiled.  Just then, Donald Duck came along.  Gaz said, “Donald, why are you so upset?” Donald groaned, “Those little pests.” Zim gasped and said, “NO!  Don’t tell me you hate Chip and Dale, right?”  Donald hung in shamed and said, “Yes.  Because I put them in the volcano and made them never return ever again. But the chipmunks didn’t like it. All the chipmunks just called me a monster.”  Zim said, “They treated you mean?”  Donald said, “I know.  Right?  I’m sorry that I was getting upset about those chipmunks, Zim old buddy.”  Zim, Dib, and Gaz are understanding what Donald was getting mad about.  Dib said, “How about a hug?”  Donald hugged Dib.  Dib said, “You rascal chipmunks.  How dare you called that duck a monster.”  All the chipmunks said, “OK, Dib.  We’ll stay out of this.”  Female chipmunk said, “And Donald, we’re sorry that we called you a monster.”  But Donald said, “You’re sorry? Phooey.”  Donald just smashed those chipmunks with his webbed feet and made them run away.  Zim said proudly, “YEAH!  That’s using your feet!”  Dib said, “Tell him, Zim old buddy.”  Dib and Gaz are going to tell Zim and Donald about their pals CatDog and the angry beavers in the deep darkest woods full of wolves.  At the end of the movie, they finished telling stories. And then, Zim’s dad was here.  He’s not dead.  Zim’s dad said, “That was a greatest story I’ve ever heard, you guys.”  Gaz said, “Why, thank you.”  Zim’s dad said, “And Zim, I’m very sorry that I deserved to be defeated.  I’ve been a bad father.  You go ahead and be protected by those two wolves. Especially this handsome duck.” Donald said, “AAAAWWWW!”  Zim began to cry a lot and hugged his dad.  Zim’s dad was going back home and said, “I’ll come and visit you someday.  I’m really going to miss you, son.”  And Zim said, “We’re really going to miss you, too.”  Zim was so happy to hang out with Dib and Gaz forever.  Especially with Donald Duck who is also his best friend.

The Characters In The Movie


Music Composer

  • Bob Heatlie


  • No More Family (Jodie Resther)
  • The Song Of The Seeonee (The Mellomen With Thurl Ravenscroft)
  • Wolf Nightmare (Jason Marsden & Patricia Rodriguez)
  • Scary Forest (Nathan Lane & Tom Kenny)
  • This Is Wolf-O-Ween (Bill Farmer, Jason Marsden, & Chorus)


Trailer begins with the Crossover Films Co., Ltd. logo

Zim: Hello! Where is everyone?

Dib and Gaz howling together.

Zim: WOW! A wolf.

Film's logo appears on the screen.

​Narrator: Invader Zim: Wolf Madness.

Coming July 2024

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