Impeached is a movie that will be written by Valeyard6282. It is a political drama focusing on corrupt government and cutthroat efforts to take over the country.

Copyright Valeyard6282 2017


In 2022, when President Evans is impeached and convicted of the murder of Speaker of the House of Representatives, Thomas Dennis and his entire family- including his sister, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alexis Dennis.




*President Owen Watts- Charlie Cox

*Secretary of Defense Norman Matthews- Robert Redford

*Charles Hall- Paul Schulze

*President Tyler Evans- Micheal Douglas

*Vice President Paul Wilson- Jeremy Renner

*President of Senate Daniel Hurt- Aaron Eckhart

*Speaker of the House of Representatives Thomas Dennis- Matthew Rauch

*Secretary of Health and Human Services Alexis Dennis- Gina Tognoni

*Senator Jack Carter- Tom Perphrey

*Secretary of State Kate Field- Sigourney Weaver    

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