Hotspot is an Original Movie Written and Directed Panddu1. It is a Noir-Crime Thriller that stars Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Debicki. Hotspot is the first movie in a planned cinematic universe, produced why Warner Brothers Entertainment


A new line of murders has surfaced in the city of San Francisco. With an extremely minimal amount of clues, Detective Harvey Henkins must prove his worth as an Independent Investigator and defeat a rivaling Detective, with the help of his partner.


Far beyond the slums and parades of the urban city, a street, cold and harsh, dark and shivering. It was a quiet night, empty from left to right. A butcher, big and tired, had just closed his shop, taking away leftover meat in bloody bags. He uses all the strength left to push open a large bin, unaware of what's lurking behind him. The cold air pressed against his skin. The shadowy figure of a well-dressed man swifts through the walls, silent and deadly.

Deleted Scenes





Armie Hammer - Harvey Henkins

Elizabeth Debicki - Aisha Matthews

Josh Gad - Travis Waters

Richard Armitage - Damien Wolf

Kate Beckinsale - Rylee Hardin

Idris Elba - Benjamin Bishop

Jeremy Irons - Phillip Henkins

Luke Evans - "Imitator"

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