Hey Arnold! The Jungle Book 2: The Mysterious Island is a 2019 coolest comedy wild movie release for 2019.

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There's more Hank's real friends in the African Savannah.


His friends are taking Arnold to the African Savannah because today was Arnold’s trip day.  Until, Stan and Heff are giving Arnold a storybook called Alligator Baby.  He saw the two last pages because now he started to get angry. So, he turned himself into the meerkat-warthog monster.  He tore the book apart and put in the trash can.  And he was going to destroy heffalumps and woozles again.  After that, he made all the heffalumps and woozles drown in the African ocean.  Except Stan and Heff.  Stan and Heff were so scared.  Stan said, "I guess you've had enough to hear with... ummm… our bad moods?"  Arnold just smacked Stan’s head and kicked Heff’s butt and said, "That's right, you football heads!" Heff yelled, "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE, STAN!" Stan yelled, "GOOD IDEA! LET'S LEAVE HIM ALONE!" So the heffalumps and woozles are all ran away.  And then, Arnold sobbed loudly.  Helga said, “You poor little man cub. Why did they make you upset again?”  And then, Arnold said, “That dirty rotten book is making me mad because of heffalumps and woozles!”  Arnold just cried and cried with his flood of tears.  But Eugene and Sid are going to cry bursting out loud with the big burst of echo and brushed his flood of tears away because they can’t stand it anymore. Poor Arnold.  Helga was going to give Arnold a big hug to make him stop crying. Then she’s got an idea to make Arnold feel better.  She wants Eugene and Sid to take Arnold to the Africa walk.  And then, Eugene and Sid stopped crying and jumped for joy. But Donald Duck was still upset about Chip and Dale.  Phoebe and Rhonda were agreed that Chip and Dale are the pesky critters.  They’re going to give Donald a big tummy hug to make him feel better again and Rhonda said, “I’m sure the worst is over, Donald ol’ buddy.”  Meanwhile, Eugene and Sid are looking for their meerkat buddy.  And then, they found Lulu.  Eugene and Sid are introducing their meerkat buddy Lulu.  Lulu understood Arnold’s problems about heffalumps and woozles again.  So, she should give him a big tummy hug just like Phoebe and Rhonda.  They like to eat bugs and other things with Arnold.  Meanwhile, Helga and her animal buddies are beginning to search more animal friends for Arnold.  Until, they found them on top of the tree.  Helga wants Arnold to meet the alligator Campfire Lass, the seal Lila, and the gorilla Chocolate Boy.  Those three guys are going to tell Arnold what’s wrong.  And then, Arnold answers their questions.  The two last pages of the Alligator Baby are making him furious anger.  But they understand how he feels.  So, Campfire Lass will give him a great big tummy hig to make him feel better.  After that, Arnold and his friends are getting relaxed for their afternoon break.  And then, his friends are telling Arnold and Donald more stories about more animals and their best friends Timon and Pumbaa.  Even their other friend SpongeBob Squarepants.  At the end of the movie, Stan, Heff , and the rest of heffalumps and woozles are going to apologize to Arnold about the book and the last time in the jungle to make a Hey Arnold movie.  Arnold began to cry bursting into tears and gave Stan a hug because he has accepted all the heffalumps and woozles’ apologies.  Arnold was so happy about hanging out with his friends forever.  Especially Donald Duck who is also Arnold’s friend.

The Characters In The Movie:


The Lesbian Gang (AKA The Good/Bad Troublemakers😇😇😇⚡⚡⚡😈😈😈):

The Creatures In the Movie:


Music Composers:

SpongeBob Episodes:

  • Ugh
  • Truth or Square
  • Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm
  • My Leg!
  • Scavenger Pants
  • Jellyfish Jam



Trailer begins with the Warner Bros. Pictures logo.

Arnold: What is this place?

Helga: I'm glad you ask, Arnold. Welcome to Island.

Arnold: WOW!!!

Film's logo appears on the screen.

​Narrator: Hey Arnold! The Jungle Book 2: The Mysterious Island.

Coming December 2019

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