Herman Zemo was a Sokovian politician who also helped develop mustard gas.


Herman had a fair complexion and had short gray hair. He had facial prosthetics around his mouth and up the left side of his face. He also had a short beard. He wore a monocle over his left eye. He usually wore Sokovian officer clothes, including a thick trench coat. He walked with a cane.


Herman Zemo was the owner of Castle Zemo in Germany and was approached by a disguised James Montgomery to get information on Heinrich Zemo's chemical plant. The location of the plant slipped, but Herman soon realized what has happening and he attempted to kill Montgomery. When he was beaten down by Montgomery and John Walker, he threw a canister of mustard gas and thrust burning coals out of the fireplace of the ballroom into the gas, causing a massive explosion, killing twenty-two people.


*In the comics, Herman invented an enhanced version of mustard gas.  

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