Henry Zemo is an original character idea created by Valeyard6282. He is a new addition to the Sokovian Zemo Family in the MCU. While in the comics, Heinrich is the father of Helmut, in the MCU, Henry is the son of Heinrich and the father of Helmut. He is portrayed by August Diehl.


Henry has reddish-brown hair and blue eyes.


Henry was born in 1918 to Heinrich Zemo. His mother Hilda raised him to not be like his father, telling him of the horrors his father created. His grandfather, Herman, was horrified at how Henry was being raised. Herman wanted the strong Zemo bloodline to continue and wanted Henry to become a strong leader in either the military or politics. Herman secretly murdered Henry's mother and raised him, planting seeds of evil in Henry's mind. During the Cold War when Henry was deep in adulthood, he served as a Soviet spy in Philadelphia. After the Stars and Stripes captured him, he defected from the Soviets and told the Americans everything the Soviets were planning, making him a key player in ended the Cold War. Afterwards, he retired to a home in Sokovia and had a son who he named Helmut. He was killed in the Battle of Novi Grad in 2015 at 97 years old when rubble from Novi Grad rained down onto the Sokovian countryside, killing Henry, his daughter-in-law, and his grandchildren. His son Helmut was the loan survivor and Henry's death was a key reason in Helmut becoming a large-scale terrorist, aiming to tear the Avengers apart, who were responsible for Henry's death.  

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