Hellfire Rising is a supernatural horror movie directed by Astral-New-X.


Michael Henderson is a normal 13-year-old kid. Everything on his life seems normal. One day, a mysterious entity kills his parents, but Michael and his younger brother, Tommy, are able to scape. They run out and find shelter in an orphan house where Michael discovers the truth: He has super-natural, yet dark powers, learns about his past and his goal: Bring the apocalypse.


The movie starts at an elementary third grade school trip in a farm: One of the kids, named Jim, has lost his teddybear. Then he sees a girl in the woods with the teddybear. The girl calls Jim, saying she has the teddybear. Happy, Jim goes with her. The teacher doesn´t notices him. After the trip ends, the teacher discovers Jim isn´t there. Worried, the teacher and the kids go on the woods and see Jim´s teddybear full of blood, with a message wrote on the ground: THE END IS NEAR, MIKE WILL KILL US ALL. The movie logo appears.

1 week later, the Greenwoods town is shocked by Jim´s disappearence. Jim´s family, the Allisons, are very worried. Amanda is in her school, posting "Jim is missing" posters in the trees. Her friends: Michael, Joe, and Ellie try to comfort her. Later in the school, they see a group of kids beating another one. Michael tries to defend him, but Joe stops him. After the bullies go, the kid runs to the restroom, where he sees a shadow in the mirror, but there is no one in the restroom.

Later, Michael and his brother Tommy go to their house in bycycles, talking about how Greenwood turned darker just a week ago. When riding the bycycle, Michael starts hearing voices that say "EVERYONE DIES" and "YOU CAN´T SCAPE" then he falls from his bike. 



Main Characters

  • TBA as Michael Henderson
  • TBA as Tommy Henderson.
  • TBA as Amanda Allison.
  • TBA as Kyle Weasley.
  • TBA as Mr. Helford.

Recurring Characters

  • TBA as Jim Allison.
  • TBA as Ms. Helford.
  • TBA as Ayika.
  • TBA as Logan.
  • TBA as William.


  • TBA as The Hunter.
  • TBA as Dhralark.
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