Heinrich Zemo was the main antagonist of The Invaders. He was an Austro-Hungarian Generalleutnant- Major General- who, after Sokovia's revolution, became Feldmarschall- General- of the Sokovian military in World War One. He is the grandfather of Helmut Zemo and the son of Herman Zemo. He owned both the Blitzkrieg zeppelin and the Behemoth zeppelin- both of which he used for nefarious purposes. He is portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio.


Heinrich is in his late 40's and has slicked back dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a fair complexion and usually wears Sokovian officer clothes- very similar to German ones. After he was deformed by Adhesive X, his face was twisted and layered and a lot of his hair was burnt off. After he was deformed, he began to wear a purple mask to hide his face.



  • In the comics, the Zemo family is German.
  • In the comics, Heinrich is killed by a rockfall.
  • In the comics, Heinrich was involved in WW2, not WWI.
  • In the comics, Helmut Zemo was Heinrich's son, not grandson
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