He's Flying

Performed By John Cena (Oggy), and The Cast Of Oggy and Friends: The Jurassic Tambelon.

Song From Oggy and Friends: The Jurassic Tambelon (2020).

Music, Written, and Lyrics By Rupert Gregson-Williams, Dominic Lewis, Charlie Brissette, Tom Armbruster, Harry Gregson-Williams, Randy Newman, J. A. C. Redford, Pat Irwin, Vincent Artaud, and Alan Silvestri.


Oggy: I'm flying, I'm flying!

Male Characters: He's flying, he's flying! He's really, really, flying!

Oggy: They laughed, they scoffed, before I had liftoff.

Male Characters: But now he's flying, he's flying high in the sky.

Oggy: I'd love to hang around to say "I told you so",

but it's off to Jellyfish Fields I goooooo.

Roads and streets are not for me.

Waffle: Help! Please help!

My snail is stuck up a tree!

I've had her since I was a little boy,

but now it looks like the end of her world.

(Oggy frees snail)

Oggy: I have never felt so free.

High in the sky is the place for me.

Helping friends from up above.

These are the things that I loooooove.

I'll help Bob reclaim his dime,

And I'll save Jack from this mime.

Even Joey needs some help,

when he gets tangled in the keeeeelllp....

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