Harvey Bullock is a major character in the Joker Trilogy. He was a cop in the GCPD and is portrayed by Sean Penn.


Harvey has gray-brown hair and heavy stubble. He usually wears a brown fedora with his suit.


Harvey Bullock was a corrupt cop in Gotham City. He was partners with Jim Gordon and was involved in interrogating and apprehending Joker. After Joker shot Harvey to the point of hospitalization and blew up an elementary school, the police station, and a hospital; Harvey organized an assassination on Joker, even going as far as too give the order to kill Bruce Wayne too if necessary. Gordon found out and Harvey was fired. Harvey then became a private eye and fed the Metropolis Police Department with evidence that they were too lazy to get themselves. He worked directly with Metropolis Commissioner David Corporon. After Jim Gordon went mad and was arrested by David, Harvey learned that Joker had escaped Arkham Asylum and became a vigilante inspired by The Director in order to kill Joker himself.


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