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      Happy Tree Friends: The Last Blood is where Happy Tree Friends is no longer violent and they finally speak English. Happy Tree Friends may create more episodes.



There's no violence or gore in this movie.


One day, Cuddles is at home playing Poptropica. After playing Poptropica, he went to the park and met his friends. "Hello, what's your name?" Cuddles asked his friends. "Hello, I'm Giggles," said Giggles. "Hello, I'm Toothy," said Toothy. "Hi, I'm Lumpy," said Lumpy. "Hi, I'm Petunia," said Petunia. "Do you want to go to the swings with me?" asked Toothy. "Sure," said Cuddles. Cuddles and Toothy went to the swings. Cuddles and his friends went to the movies to watch Zootopia and ate popcorn. "Wow, I love this movie!" said Giggles excitedly. Happy Tree Friends read Diary of a Wimpy Kid together and they think it's funny. At night, Cuddles went to sleep on his bed. Cuddles woke up in the morning and watches Clarence on Cartoon Network. "What the heck is that?" asked Cuddles. "Oh, It's Clarence." After watching Clarence, Cuddles invited Petunia to the park. "Do you wanna go to the park, Petunia?" asked Cuddles. "Sure," answered Petunia. Petunia plays "Kira Kira Killer" by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on the MP3 player on his way to the park. Happy Tree Friends played to the park together.


  • Ellen Connell as Petunia and Giggles
  • Nica Lorber as Flaky
  • Michael "Lippy" Lipman as Nutty
  • Kenn Navarro as Cuddles
  • Warren Graff as Toothy
  • David Winn as Lumpy